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About This Site

The site was originally created sometime in 1997 as Bæleron's Iron Maiden Commentary and up on line in June 1998 after months of careful research and building work. As it grew, Bæleron became increasingly aware that the maintenance of such a site was going to require more than just one single webmaster. His friend Analogkid 2112 was in the process of doing a Spanish translation, and some obscure individual known as Maverick had discovered the site at the end of 1998 and had started to correspond with him on a regular basis in January 1999. By early 2000, Maverick was extremely honoured to be offered the position of co-webmaster and French language editor of the site. By mid-2000, Bæleron gave charge of the entire site to Maverick and decided to "retire" and to "move on to some other things". The site kept it original name for a while, as a mark of respect for the brilliant ground work that had been done. However, as the Commentary grew even larger, encompassing many people's interpretations and references, it less and less seemed to belong to Bæleron anymore that it was Maverick's. This is why the name was changed to the more general designation of THE IRON MAIDEN Commentary. Bæleron did the tremendous work of creating this site and Maverick did more than his share, but the Commentary in the end really belongs to you, the readers, as many visitors enriched it with their contributions.

So welcome to YOUR IRON MAIDEN Commentary!


The following short biographies tell you more about who these people are...


Maverick Webmaster since 2000

    Back in 1980, a friend of mine showed me his brand new LP of an unkown band with a silly name. Iron Maiden? What's that? Even the cover looked ridiculous. What was that weird monster anyway? My mate was going on and on about what a great band they were and got me to listen to his favourite song on the album: "Transylvania". I wasn't too impressed "Yeah, alright it ain't too bad, but there are a lot of much better bands around". Needless to say, I quickly forgot about Iron Maiden.

    I had forgotten about them until some 3 years later when I spotted an LP with a cool cover in a music shop. I really liked the strange monster in a straight jacket that looked how I felt at the time. Iron Maiden? I'd heard something of that band at one point somewhere... but when and where? Nevertheless, I decided to buy this record just for the cover. Besides, a long-haired 19-year-old Heavy Metal freak HAD to own at least one Maiden album. So I came back home being the proud owner of the newly released Piece Of Mind albun. The drum intro of "Where Eagles Dare" really amazed the drummer I was and I sat there in a daze listening to the rest of the album, turning the LP over again and again all day long. This band was really something else!

    Within a few days, I had purchased The Number Of The Beast, Killers, and Iron Maiden. I finally remembered my first encounter with Maiden and I realised how stupid I had been not to give the whole album a chance. By the time Powerslave was released, I'd already seen the band in concert on the World Piece Tour and I was a die-hard fan of the band, considering all my former favourites as "not bad, but not certainly half as good as Maiden".

    Since those days, I have completed my studies and achieved the highest level of university education, and I have worked some years as a microbiologist in the research laboratories of a major pharmaceutical company. I am nowadays responsible for the establishment and follow-up of research collaborations in a biotechnology company. The friend who introduced me to Maiden doesn't listen to this "music for freaks" anymore, whereas I still do – to the surprise of many people who consider this music "more suited to spotty teen-agers than to respectable adults" (believe it or not, that's what I was told!). My tastes in music have broadened and I keep an open mind to various styles of music (I'm talking about real music and real musicians, which rules completely out the rap movement and boysbands). I also appreciate many more recent Heavy Metal bands, but Iron Maiden's compositions remain to me the most intellectually and musically challenging creations that I ever came into contact with.

    UP THE IRONS!!! ...of course!


Bæleron Webmaster 1997 – 2000

    The first time I ever heard Maiden was in 1983, at a friend's house. It was the new Piece Of Mind album, and I was completely blown away by "Where Eagles Dare". I was hooked, and within a week I was into The Number Of The Beast as well. That was about when my parents noticed the tapes and were blown away by the art work too – so blown away that they confiscated and destroyed them. That was a real blow to a kid with almost no money, and after that I did a better job of hiding my collection.

    Eventually I had all of the Maiden albums. It took me awhile to fully appreciate Killers and Iron Maiden – their style is a bit different from the later material – but after a few listens I began to realize their unique brilliance too. In the years since then I eagerly anticipated each new Maiden album.

    p align="justify">I was really bummed when Adrian quit the band, and devastated when Bruce left. How could they recover from such a loss of talent? Well, I was wrong. Regardless of what some people think, Janick is GREAT. And Blaze is AWESOME. Sure, he's different from Bruce – not better, not worse, just different and totally Maiden. (If you don't like Blaze or Janick, click here.) And I think Steve deserves a lot of credit for holding things together, and Dave and Nicko for hanging around so long and generally being awesome.

    Anyway, it has now been 17 years since I heard my first Maiden. I've been to college, grad school, and am now an engineer in Silicon Valley (California). My parents always said that I would soon grow out of Iron Maiden. They were wrong. It's still the best music in existence.



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