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Live!! plus one

Live!! plus one



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Japanese pressing:

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Greek pressing:

Side 1: Side 2:

Live +one contains tracks that were recorded live at the Marquee Club in London on 4th July 1980, which would make this some of the earliest live Iron Maiden recordings available. The EP was initially released only in Japan, but in 1984 it was also released in Greece with an expanded tracklist. In addition, a special live EP without a title was released in 1980 in Germany on EMI's Electrola label which contained all of the Japanese Live +one tracks except "Sanctuary". Although the Greek release contained a number of extra tracks, only "I've Got The Fire" was recorded at the Marquee. Most of the rest are from the Maiden Japan EP with the exception of "Prowler", which is from the first studio album.

A couple of the Marquee tracks were included as b-sides on Maiden's earliest singles and are available on CD in the First Ten Years collection and on the Castle Records bonus discs. However, Live +one itself was never released on CD, and due to this limited release the Live +one LPs and cassettes are quite rare.


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Japanese Pressing


  Sanctuary (live) (Harris) Sanctuary (live) – Lyrics

    This live version of "Sanctuary" was recorded at the Marquee on 4th July 1980, and is the only one of the Live +one tracks that is available nowhere else. Of all the thousands of live recordings of "Sanctuary" that are available, this one is probably my favourite because it has an interesting vocal harmony during the line "I know you'd have gone insane if you saw what I saw".

  Phantom Of The Opera (live) (Harris) Phantom Of The Opera (live) – Lyrics

    This probably the first ever officially-released live version of the classic "Phantom Of The Opera", and was recorded at the Marquee on 4th July 1980. This version also appeared as a b-side on the Women In Uniform single. It is predictably excellent – I've never yet heard a version of "Phantom" that wasn't excellent. What can I say, this is definitely one of Maiden's all-time greatest songs.


  Drifter (live) (Harris, Di'Anno) Drifter(live) – Lyrics

    This live version of "Drifter" was also recorded at the Marquee Club in London on 4th July 1980. It is a song that is at its best when played live, and has been a part of Maiden's tour set for many years, often it features the audience interaction part of the show, with the familiar "yo yo yo" routine. This recording should not be confused with the version that was included as a b-side to Iron Maiden's second single Sanctuary, which was also recorded at the Marquee two months earlier.

  Women In Uniform (Macainsh) Women In Uniform – Lyrics

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Greek Pressing


  Drifter (live) (Harris, Di'Anno) Drifter (live) – Lyrics

  Phantom Of The Opera (live) (Harris) Phantom Of The Opera (live) – Lyrics

  Women In Uniform (Macainsh) Women In Uniform – Lyrics

  Innocent Exile (live) (Harris) Innocent Exile (live) – Lyrics


  Sanctuary (live) (Harris) Sanctuary (live) – Lyrics

  Prowler (Harris) Prowler – Lyrics

  Running Free (live) (Harris, Di'Anno) Running Free (live) – Lyrics

  Remember Tomorrow (live) (Harris, Di'Anno) Remember Tomorrow (live) – Lyrics

  I've Got The Fire (live) (Montrose) I've Got The Fire (live) – Lyrics

    "I've Got The Fire" is the only track from the Marquee Club on the Greek pressing of Live +one that was not included on the Japanese pressing. This version of the song was a b-side on Iron Maiden's Sanctuary single.


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