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Live At Donington – Commentary
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Live At Donington

8th November 1993

CD 1
1. Be Quick Or Be Dead (Dickinson, Gers)
2. The Number Of The Beast (Harris)
3. Wrathchild (Harris)
4. From Here To Eternity (Harris)
5. Can I Play With Madness (Smith, Dickinson, Harris)
6. Wasting Love (Dickinson, Gers)
7. Tailgunner (Harris, Dickinson)
8. The Evil That Men Do (Smith, Dickinson, Harris)
9. Afraid To Shoot Strangers (Harris)
10. Fear Of The Dark (Harris)
11. Bring Your Daughter... ...To The Slaughter (Dickinson)
12. The Clairvoyant (Harris)
13. Heaven Can Wait (Harris)
14. Run To The Hills (Harris)
CD 2
1. 2 Minutes to Midnight (Smith, Dickinson)
2. Iron Maiden (Harris)
3. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Harris)
4. The Trooper (Harris)
5. Sanctuary (Harris, Di'Anno, Murray)
6. Running Free (Harris, Di'Anno)

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This live album was recorded August 22, 1992 during the Fear Of The Dark Tour at the Castle Donington 1992 festival in front of a crowd of almost 70,000. It was the second time Maiden had headlined at Donington, and a video of the show is also available. The show was broadcasted live on radio, and was heavily bootlegged until the release of this recording made the bootlegs obsolete. However, it was only released as a limited edition and remained quite rare, and so it was re-released in September 1998. One noteworthy highlight of the show is the last song, 'Running Free', where Adrian Smith joined his former band mates for an encore. It was the first time he had seen a Maiden show since he had left the band in 1990, and the last time that he had ever shared a stage with them before the Reunion Tour in 1999.

Although it does not match the immortal Live After Death, the sound quality is still pretty decent. The quality is somewhat better than on A Real Live Dead One and also has the continuity of an entire concert. Much of Dickinson's crowd interaction and song introductions are included, one of the benefits of releasing the show as a double CD set. The original version of Live At Donington (with the white cover) is very rare in North America where it was never officially released, so if you happen to see it there, you might want to grab it. Otherwise, it might still be possible to order an import copy.

Note that for the 1998 re-release version some of the songs from disc 2 have been moved to disc 1 in order to make room for the multi-media content on disc 2. On the original version 'Fear Of The Dark' was the last song on disc 1.

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