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A Call To Irons Volumes I & II

Dwell Records


– Volumes I & II –

6th March 2001

CD 1
1. The Ides Of March / Purgatory [Steel Prophet]
2. Powerslave [Ancient Wisdom]
3. The Trooper [Vital Remains]
4. Genghis Khan [Angel Corpse]
5. Hallowed Be Thy Name [Solitude Æturnus]
6. Phantom Of The Opera [New Eden]
7. Remember Tomorrow [Opeth]
8. To Tame A Land [Morgion]
9. Strange World [Evoken]
10. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner [Opera IX]
11. Transylvania [Absu]
CD 2
1. Invaders [Engrave]
2. Gangland [Steel Prophet]
3. Iron Maiden [From The Depths]
4. Total Eclipse [Terror]
5. Wrathchild [Acheron]
6. Revelations [Possession]
7. Killers [Ion Vein]
8. Where Eagles Dare [Mystic Force]
9. 2 Minutes To Midnight [Deceased]
10. Public Enema Number One [October 31]
11. Sea Of Madness [Prototype]
12. Chidren Of The Damned [Diesel Machine]
13. Sanctuary [Abattoir]

This is the 2001 double-CD re-release of A Call To Irons (1998) and A Call To Irons2 (1999) that were out of print. It is an interesting album for those who are curious to know what Iron Maiden sound like when covered by bands who belong to another Metal genre, although the quality of the renditions is quite uneven.

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