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Name Location Website Contribution(s)
Analogkid2112   San Jose, California – USA  
Bæleron   Los Angeles, California – USA  
Original creator of the site
Charlotte Bratislava – SLOVAKIA  
Chris Paris – FRANCE Eddie's Bar
Conor   Northern Ireland – UK  
Cosmiceddie SWITZERLAND  
Forum, collection
Darth Rya USA Darth Rya's Maiden Shows
Bootlegs, tour dates
Drifter Vevey – SWITZERLAND  
Friend, collection
Ead666 FRANCE Ead666's Trading Page
Eddie's Lil Helper   Dallas, Texas – USA Metal For Life
Former co-owner of MaidenFans
Commentaries (solo information), bootlegs, forum
Gigi Vevey – SWITZERLAND Site Iron Maiden Suisse Romand
Friend, collection
Gor Athens – GREECE  
IronDuke   Nova Scotia – CANADA  
Commentaries (historical perspective)
JackKnife FRANCE  
Patience, German translations
Liam   England – UK Si's Chip Shop
Forum, general info
Lib FRANCE Loto Punk
Forum, musical info
LooseCannon   Nova Scotia – CANADA  
Commentaries (historical perspective)
Maidenfreak Herne – GERMANY Freaky's World
Mick Wall   England – UK  
Author of Run To The Hills: The Official Iron Maiden Biography
Micka Liège – BELGIUM Moonchild, Adeslave
National Acrobat   England – UK  
Necrokerb Caen – FRANCE  
Nephellim TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Omnidi
Forum, graphics
Nicko2n   San Diego, California – USA The Neighbour Of The Beast
Onhell MEXICO  
The Owl Paris – FRANCE  
Critical correction of the French translations
Perun Hemhofen – GERMANY  
Real World   England – UK MaidenFans
Former owner of MaidenFans, general help with the site
Shadow SWEDEN  
SinisterMinisterX   Denver, Colorado – USA SinisterMinisterX.net
Commentaries (musical perspective)
Syl Paris – FRANCE  
Tap Legion   Austin, Texas – USA  
German translations

    And of course...

      IRON MAIDEN, musicians and management, for creating and spreading the best music around!


About the tour dates:

The list of tour dates and venues was originally inspired by Robert Skoog's Iron Maiden Tour Index, which supplied the working basis for it, with the venue locations and the opening acts. Although some visitors of the Commentary have kindly written to correct and/or complement this list on top of my personal work, a tremendous amount of information comes from Darth Rya's Iron Maiden Master List thanks to Ryan's meticulous research on the accuracy of the dates (his methodology shows perfect scientific rigor and deserves many praises), as well as for the authentication of bootlegs (a few bootlegs being traded out there are actually fakes with an incorrect date and/or venue). The scans of most tickets, posters, flyers, and other advertisements also come from him and are reproduced on this site with his kind permission.
However, if you think that some information is missing or incorrect, please let me know.

Bootleg credits:

The idea to compile a list of bootlegs was initiated by the discovery of Waltark's CDR Trading Site and Zwlika's Trading Page, which both contained covers and a short description of a limited number of bootlegs. Later, this developed into a full-scale project to compile as much information as possible on every Iron Maiden bootleg in existence. This endeavour would not have been possible without the kind permission of some traders to use the descriptions contained on their sites. Ryan was the first to acknowledge the compiling work and to give his assent to use any relevant information from his trading site (the information on the fake bootlegs was particularly useful), closely followed by Alex who supplied, as well as pertinent reviews, the nicest covers available made by himself (it should be noted that Martin also contributed significantly by sending over his own covers). However, the most important contribution was made by Sébastien, who himself has the most comprehensive information on bootlegs, such as song duration or various technical details. His list of video bootlegs has also been largely "pillaged" for the compilation of the list found on this site. His hours of hard work are gratefully acknowledged.
Other sites have also contributed to some extent and need to be thanked here as well, such as the Site Iron Maiden Suisse Romand, Iron Maiden Heaven, and Maidenbootlegs.com
Last, but not least, it should be pointed out that the Iron Maiden Commentary is not a trading site, but merely collecting information for those who may find it useful. If you are interested in a particular bootleg, make sure to check the sites of the contributors for a potential trade, as well as those featured on the list of trading sites. Likewise, if you notice any mistakes, or are willing to add further information to the bootleg pages, just write to me (naturally, all contributors will be credited).


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