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The opinions expressed in this site are mainly those of Maverick, with a few of Bæleron's, unless stated otherwise. If you agree, disagree, or think I am a complete idiot, go ahead and send a mail. Constructive feedback is always welcome – criticism is gladly taken into consideration provided that the appropriate argumentation and references are presented. Mindless flames will simply be laughed at and discarded. However, if you are the type of person who cannot tolerate people with different opinions or ideas, perhaps you should escape now by following this link, where you may find other individuals who are just like you.

Those of you with strong nationalistic and/or religious beliefs need not proceed any further, as they may be shocked and offended by a few things they may read in this site.

This site is constantly under construction, as new element are being added regularly – if you notice that something is missing, do not hesitate to tell me about it. I have tried to make sure that whatever factual information presented here is accurate. Many of the facts come from the Iron Maiden FAQ, but in any case, if you find any errors here please send a mail so they can be fixed.

Most of the texts, graphics, sounds, or HTML in these pages have not been stolen from any other site, but only sometimes borrowed in exchange of an appropriate link. Similarly, please contact me before taking anything from this site for public usage. Some elements may have been taken from other sites without prior permission, as these sites may disappear, causing the apparition of a broken link, and some webmasters never reply to my permission requests. If you see anything that you feel belongs to you, let me know about it and we'll certainly come to a mutually satisfactory arrangement. It should be also noted that there are no MP3s on this site.

One last thing: This site is in no way endorsed by Iron Maiden, and the band is probably not even aware that it exists. Steve Harris himself would probably disagree with some of my commentaries, but as long as do not get any official letter of complaint from any of them (band or management), I'll carry on writing what I feel is right about the songs. For those of you who are looking for merchandise, I'd like to point out that this site is not a commercial site. If you want to buy some Iron Maiden stuff, I suggest you go to the Official Iron Maiden Website, or to the Maiden Specialist, this latter site being non-official but full of good Maiden items, including rare stuff.


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