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Hip Hop Tribute To Iron Maiden

Koch Entertainment Distribution


30th January 2007


1. 2 Minutes To Midnight  
2. Blood Brothers  
3. Bring Your Daughter... ...To The Slaughter  
4. Die With Your Boots On  
5. Flight Of Icarus  
6. Hallowed Be Thy Name  
7. Rainmaker  
8. The Trooper  
9. The Wicker Man  
10. Wrathchild  

As I do not own this tribute album, nor have any mp3s off it, I cannot write a proper review. However, the comments on Amazon aren't exactly elogious:

I am a huge Iron Maiden fan. I also like the occasional well-produced hip hop song. So when I came across this album, I was initially somewhat excited.... The idea of Outkast, JayZ, or some other accomplished hip-hop artist covering Iron Maiden could actually be pretty cool (at least to an Iron Maiden fan!). Unfortunately, this CD is anything but cool. It sounds like someone produced it in his or her basement in 3 hours. I would strongly encourage you to listen to the samples before purchasing this product.

First, before you even think about buying this album, LISTEN TO THE SAMPLES!! I cannot emphasize it enough.
This does not sound much of anything like Iron Maiden at all, and don't get me wrong, I love the use of unconventional instruments in tribute albums, such as The Piano Tribute To Iron Maiden, or the orchestral versions of the songs "Dance Of Death" and "Blood Brothers" found as the b-sides to the Wildest Dreams and Rainmaker singles.
If you're still not convinced, as to why I hate this, I'll explain:
It's not the instruments, nor the vocals, it's the slaughter of the songs themselves, they don't sound anything like the songs themselves, the riffs are completely different, and even The Trooper could be easily mistaken for something else.
This album is a scam, probably created under the assumption it would sell because Iron Maiden fans are typically hardcore collector fanatics.

– Nathanael Dauer "Nate"


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