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The Iron Maidens

DRZ Entertainment Group


World's Only Female Tribute
to Iron Maiden

6th April 2005


1. The Number Of The Beast 
2. Two Minutes To Midnight 
3. Children Of The Damned 
4. The Trooper 
5. Wasted Years 
6. Killers 
7. Aces High 
8. Phantom Of The Opera 
9. Run To The Hills 
10. Hallowed Be Thy Name 
Remember Tomorrow (live) [Hidden Bonus Track]

The first thing that can be noticed on this album is, quite obviously, its cover. We are faced with a female Eddie (check out the lovely red-and-white knickers) roaming the streets of Los Angeles and, very much like her male counterpart, up to no good. Or could it be that this is Charlotte the Harlot herself, risen from the grave and ready for some hot action? In any case, the artwork was done by none other than the master himself, Derek Riggs, who probably succumbed to the charm of these "Iron Ladies" and agreed to paint one more Eddie for them.

On to the music itself, we have here 10 tracks (plus one "hidden" live song) picked among the great classics of the band from the 80s. The instrumental rendition is quite brilliant and very close to the original studio versions of the songs, although a bassist friend of mine – a purist and fanatical admirer of 'Arry's – has complained about the lack of feeling in Wanda Ortiz's basslines (he also added that she was nevertheless "pretty damn hot", but this can be said of every member of the band!). What really makes a difference, and the originality of this CD, is the voice. Iron Maiden songs with female vocals? Well, this is something else! Although some songs, like "Phantom Of The Opera", could do with a bit more vocal aggression (not everybody can be Paul Di'Anno, though!), Aja's voice works really well on most titles, and, to give just an example, the chorus of "Aces High" with a female voice is really excellent.

With a few line-up changes since their inception in 2001, The Iron Maidens have matured nicely and provide us with an album which, as good as it may be, probably doesn't really do justice to their live performances. So, get the CD, but do not hesitate to go and see them live if they happen to play in your area. Up the Ironesses!

The Iron Maidens – Back Cover

The Iron Maidens – The band


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