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Maiden Heaven



16th July 2008


1. Prowler [Black Tide]
2. Remember Tomorrow [Metallica]
3. Flash Of The Blade [Avenged Sevenfold]
4. 2 Minutes To Midnight [Glamour Of The Kill]
5. The Trooper [Coheed And Cambria]
6. Wasted Years [DevilDriver]
7. Run To The Hills [Sign]
8. To Tame A Land [Dream Theater]
9. Caught Somewhere In Time [Madina Lake]
10. Wrathchild [Gallows]
11. Fear Of The Dark [Fightstar]
12. Hallowed Be Thy Name [Machine Head]
13. Iron Maiden [Trivium]
14. Running Free [Year Long Disaster]
15. Brave New World [Ghostlines]

Using a similar principle to the Tribute To The Beast Volume I and Volume II albums, this tribute album contains Iron Maiden covers played by renowned and well-established bands. Some would argue that the Numbers From The Beast album could also enter the same category, although in this case musicians from different bands were simply gathered to play together on that one-off occasion.

Published as a free gift with Kerrang! issue 1219 and featuring a cover (fan art selected by the editorial board of the magazine) that's reminiscent of Judas Priest's Sad Wings Of Destiny 1976 album cover, this is a pretty good album, with interesting renditions of some of Iron Maiden's timeless classics.

Maiden Heaven – Back cover


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  BLACK TIDE – Prowler (Harris) Prowler – Commentary Prowler – Lyrics

This is an excellent version of "Prowler". The vocals could have been a bit more aggressive, but it's still musically fantastic.

Black Tide – Official website


Video from costul.



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  METALLICA – Remember Tomorrow (Harris) Remember Tomorrow – Commentary Remember Tomorrow – Lyrics

With a typical Metallica intro and outro, this is an excellent cover of "Remember Tomorrow". Both as melodic and as aggressive as the original, this is one of the highlights of this album.

Metallica – Official website


Video from Craweezy.



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  AVENGED SEVENFOLD – Flash Of The Blade (Dickinson) Flash Of The Blade – Commentary Flash Of The Blade – Lyrics

Quite decent cover of a Maiden song that's all too often overlooked. Not a lot else to say.

Avenged Sevenfold – Official website





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  GLAMOUR OF THE KILL – 2 Minutes To Midnight (Smith, Dickinson) 2 Minutes To Midnight – Commentary 2 Minutes To Midnight – Lyrics

With more energetic vocals (the chorus is awfully cheesy, for instance), this cover could have been perfect. The musicianship is amazing, though, with great guitar solos.

Glamour Of The Kill – MySpace


Video from patdrunksingalong.



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  COHEED AND CAMBRIA – The Trooper (Harris) The Trooper – Commentary The Trooper – Lyrics

This sounds like a cover by the Iron Maidens, with a female-sounding voice – although the singer's actually a man! A certain lack of energy plagues this cover and makes it one of the weakest on the album. The guitar solos are quite messed up too.

Coheed And Cambria – Official website


Video from mattydoodles.



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  DEVILDRIVER – Wasted Years (Smith) Wasted Years – Commentary Wasted Years – Lyrics

The screamed vocals may surprise a few Maiden fans, but this cover is actually pretty good, with a great guitar solo.

DevilDriver – Official website


Video from serternigt.



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  SIGN – Run To The Hills (Harris) Run To The Hills – Commentary Run To The Hills – Lyrics

Unusual and very different from the original, this cover is excellent. It has naturally caused a lot of dissent among Maiden fans, some hating this "disco and pop" style, others, thinking that it's far remote from pop and simply a new view on a song that's been re-hashed for so many years since it was written. Regardless of the critics, the Icelandics from Sign certainly did a great job.

Sign – Official website


Video from sixpounder944.



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  DREAM THEATER – To Tame A Land (Harris) To Tame A Land – Commentary To Tame A Land – Lyrics

As expected from such brilliant musicians, Dream Theater deliver here a brilliant cover of "To Tame A Land". Nothing else to add.

Dream Theater – Official website


Video from Menschenzieher.


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  MADINA LAKE – Caught Somewhere In Time (Harris) Caught Somewhere In Time – Commentary Caught Somewhere In Time – Lyrics

Yet again an interesting cover played quite differently from the original. The addition of a piano/synth is quite good too. All in all, an enjoyable version.

Madina Lake – Official website


Video from holydivera7x.


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  GALLOWS – Wrathchild (Harris) Wrathchild – Commentary Wrathchild – Lyrics

Didn't Di'Anno say that this was a Punk song? Well, here's the proof with a really efficient cover of "Wrathchild". Paul must be proud if he's heard it!

Gallows – Official website


Video from patdrunksingalong.


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  FIGHTSTAR – Fear Of The Dark (Harris) Fear Of The Dark – Commentary Fear Of The Dark – Lyrics

Close to Maiden's version, this cover is a little punchier than the original. The guitar riff has also been somehow "Iced Earth-ised", which makes it sound really good. Nice solos.

Fightstar – Official website


Video from patdrunksingalong.


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  MACHINE HEAD – Hallowed Be Thy Name (Harris) Hallowed Be Thy Name – Commentary Hallowed Be Thy Name – Lyrics

This great cover is in par with Iced Earth's version of this song on the Tribute To The Beast - Volume II album. The ending with the drum riff in intro to "Where Eagles Dare" is also quite a good idea. Simply fantastic!

Machine Head – Official website


Video from ETSSheep.


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  TRIVIUM – Iron Maiden (Harris) Iron Maiden – Commentary Iron Maiden – Lyrics

Trivium understood perfectly the Punk aspect of this song and give here an excellent rendition of the song. There again, Paul Di'Anno's spirit lives on!

Trivium – Official website


Video from trivium.


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  YEAR LONG DISASTER – Running Free (Harris, Di'Anno) Running Free – Commentary Running Free – Lyrics

Straightforward and efficient, this cover of "Running Free" is quite nicely performed. Another good cover of a Di'Anno-era song.

Year Long Disaster – Official website


Video from patdrunksingalong.


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  GHOSTLINES – Brave New World (Murray, Harris, Dickinson) Brave New World – Commentary Brave New World – Lyrics

Seemingly quite cheesy, this is actually a very interesting version of "Brave New World". A good closer for a good tribute album.

Ghostlines – MySpacee


Video from Graverobber91.


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