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These are Metal-related websites that are not only dedicated to Iron Maiden, but that are certainly worth a visit!. If you are interested in linking to the Iron Maiden Commentary, you can use any of these banners.


The BNR Metal Pages

The Internet Heavy Metal encyclopedia: with over 1200 metal bands, past and present, this is an absolute reference!

Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

Loads of quality reviews and news.

The Swiss Metal Factory

Brilliant site in German with many news and reviews, plus upcoming concerts in the Confederatio Helvetica.


Nederlands e-zine voor metal & gothic nieuws. A Dutch webzine by the Dutch, for the Dutch, and in Dutch.


Excellent source of news and reviews, with also an interactive content.

Metal World Switzerland

An excellent magazine and e-zine with interviews, reviews and latest Metal news. In German.

Rock & Troll

French Metal web-based radio.

Satan Stole My Teddybear

A vast number of quality reviews covering several genres, including punk,metal, hardcore, ambient, industrial and rock.


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