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The Rants

The rants are a collection of short essays on various music-related topics. Many of them are Iron Maiden related, but in general they are simply a way of communicating ideas and that don't readily fit into the standard fan page format. I am happy to publish guest-rants, provided that they are well written, well reasoned, and somehow relevant to metal music. Even if I disagree with a guest-rant I'll probably publish it if it is intelligent and well written. Note that the rants are an expression of the author's opinion and nothing more.

Rant 27: My Maiden Affair Michael
Rant 26: A decyphered fascination? Neault
Rant 25: A Journey Through Steve Harris's Tortuous (Tortured?) Mind Syl
Rant 24: MP3 Rip-Offs Conor
Rant 23: Copy protection issues Uwe
Rant 22: Iron Maiden & Repetitiveness vs. Creativity Duane G. Aubin
Rant 21: Art Speaks Up: Assessing Heavy Metal and Hip-Hop Duane G. Aubin
Rant 20: The classics of our time Andrew
Rant 19.2: "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" – Indeed! Lib
Rant 19: If it ain't broke, why fix it? Gho§t in the Machine
Rant 18: Of Old And New Analogkid2112
Rant 17: The True Meaning Deniz Omer
Rant 16: Regarding Heavy Metal and the Blues Paladine Bahmut
Rant 15: Metal Classics/Classical Metal Maverick
Rant 14: Alternica Bæleron
Rant 13: Rotterdam, Holland, 10-Sept-99 Forostar
Rant 12: The Mighty Maiden Touring Machine Bæleron
Rant 11: Blaze Days Re-Visited Analogkid2112
Rant 10: Alexander The Great: History and Heavy Metal P.D.S.
Rant 9.2: Iron Maiden Contest Results Bæleron
Rant 9: Iron Maiden Contest Bæleron
Rant 8: A brief commentary on metal's future Bæleron
Rant 7: A brief commentary on metal's past Bæleron
Rant 6: Maiden Reunion Analogkid2112
Rant 5: Urs Hillebrand Bæleron
Rant 4: The Setlist Bæleron
Rant 3: About Album Covers Bæleron
Rant 2: The Munchie-Crunch Factor Bæleron
Rant 1: Changes in Iron Maiden Bæleron

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