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Iron Maiden Contest


When Iron Maiden re-released most of their albums in September 1998, they initiated an online contest. There were 10 questions which roughly corresponded to the 10 re-released albums, and a password provided in the data section of each album was necessary for entering the contest. It was obviously a means of encouraging fans to purchase all of the re-released albums, and the grand prize was an expenses-paid trip to meet the band and see one of their shows at a location of the winner's choice. That's a pretty decent prize, and I was eager to enter the contest and try to answer the "very hard" questions that were promised. But I was disappointed to find that the questions were not hard at all. In fact, they were rediculously easy and it's hard to imagine anyone actually missing any of them. So although I liked the idea of the contest, the simplicity of the questions turned it basically into a random lottery.

In the spirit of the official Iron Maiden contest, I have come up with some questions which I hope might be a bit more challenging than the ones from the official contest. And just for fun, I will offer a prize to the person who scores the highest. The prize is a The Trooper vinyl shaped picture disc, which has been out of print for more than 15 years and is quite rare. The winner can even take this picture disc to an Iron Maiden concert at the exotic location of their choice.


  1. The picture disc goes to the person with the highest score. If there is a tie, there will be a few tie-breaker questions to determine the winner. (I don't believe in random lotteries).

  2. The contest will be over at the end of June 1999 (in about 3 weeks).

  3. Email your answers to me. You don't need to include the questions with the answers but make sure the answers are numbered.

  4. Don't include any personal information other than an email address. The winner will eventually need to provide a mailing address so that I can send the picture disc, but that can be dealt with after the contest is over.

So, here are the questions. Some of them are pretty easy, but I suspect that a few of them might require a bit of effort. Hopefully there are enough questions to make a tie unlikely. As with the web page, I've mostly avoided trivia relating to the personal lives of the guys in the band. The majority of these questions relate directly to Iron Maiden songs, albums, videos, concerts, and general Maiden mythology. Even if you aren't interested in the picture disc, these questions are a good opportunity to test your knowledge of Iron Maiden trivia. Enjoy!

9th June 1999


  1. Name the tracks that were on the original Soundhouse Tapes EP. (2 pts each)
    Which track was recorded with these tracks but not included on The Soundhouse Tapes. (2 pts)

  2. Which Maiden song has the longest title? (2 pts)

  3. Which Maiden song has the shortest title? (2 pts)

  4. What cover song did Iron Maiden release as an A-side single? (2 pts)
    Which single had no B-sides? (2 pts)

  5. What was the title of Iron Maiden's first live EP? (2 pts)

  6. What was the title of the Japanese version of Maiden Japan? (2 pts)
    What extra song did the U.S. version have? (2 pts)

  7. Name the Maiden songs that are related to Charlotte. (2 pts each)

  8. Which of these songs has never been played live on tour? (2 pts each)
    'Genghis Khan', 'To Tame A Land', 'Childhood's End', 'Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger', 'The Duellists', 'Another Life', 'The Edge Of Darkness'

  9. TRUE or FALSE; Steve Harris wears fake tattoos. (2 pts)

  10. Name some hidden features/messages on the Powerslave cover picture. (2 pts each)

  11. Which Maiden song is about AIDS? (2 pts)

  12. Over the years which have been Maiden's traditional audience participation songs at concerts? (2 pts each)

  13. Which item is known as "The Holy Grail" among Iron Maiden collectors? (2 pts)

  14. Who plays guitar on the B-side Mission From Arry? (2 pts)

  15. On a live Maiden recording, how can you easily tell which guitar part is played by Dave Murray? (2 pts)

  16. What event happens at the traditional climax of a Maiden concert? (2 pts)

  17. Which bandmember's nickname is "H"? (2 pts)
    Which bandmember's nickname is "Arry"? (2 pts)


    This symbol is found on many of Iron Maiden's album covers. What is it? (2 pts)

  19. Which Maiden songs either mention or are somehow related to ancient Egypt? (2 pts each)

  20. Name Maiden's instrumental songs. (2 pts each)

  21. List the Iron Maiden tracks that contain spoken narration. (excluding b-sides) (2 pts each)

  22. Which Iron Maiden song is about an extremely fat woman? (2 pts)

  23. On the back cover of The Soundhouse Tapes is a picture of Rob Loonhouse. Who was he and what instrument did he play? (4 pts)

  24. Who is the fat guy in the Holy Smoke video? (2 pts)

  25. What is Eddie's full name? (2 pts)

  26. What was 'To Tame A Land' originally going to be titled? (2 pts)
    Why was the title changed? (2 pts)

  27. Why didn't Bruce write any songs on the Somewhere In Time album? (2 pts)

  28. List the Maiden singles which have a photo on the front cover. (2 pts each)

  29. On which song did Bruce usually play guitar during concerts? (2 pts)
    For which song did he often wear a mask? (2 pts)

  30. Which Iron Maiden CDs are currently in the highest demand as collectors items? (2 pts)
    What approximate price-range are they currently worth? (2 pts)

  31. List Iron Maiden's officially released box sets. (2 pts each)

  32. A member of a famous comedy troupe appears in an Iron Maiden video... Name the person, the video, and the comedy group. (Hint: the person is now deceased). (2 pts each)

  33. Who is Vic Vella, of the b-side 'Roll Over Vic Vella'? (4 pts)

  34. Which Iron Maiden song pretends to be something that it is not? (2 pts)
    What is the deception? (2 pts)

  35. On the Live +One EP, which track does the '+One' refer to? (2 pts)

  36. Live After Death was recorded at Long Beach and Hammersmith. Which songs are officially available from these shows that were NOT included on any version of Live After Death? (2 pts each)

  37. Who designed the very first Iron Maiden T-shirt? (2 pts)
    What was written on it? (2 pts)

  38. Who would Maiden have contacted to replace Dennis Stratton if Adrian hadn't accepted their offer? (2 pts)

  39. What is Rod Smallwood's most important attribute, and which song mentions this attribute? (4 pts)

  40. Fill in the blank, (Nicko speaking on 'Mission From Arry') "He made me ______!" (2 pts)

  41. How many writing credits has Nicko gotten on Iron Maiden releases over the years? (4 pts)

  42. Name the tracks co-written by Clive Burr (2 pts each)

  43. From which song did Steve Harris probably borrow a few lyrics for 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'? (2 pts)

  44. Who or what is Black Bart, from the song 'Black Bart Blues'? (2 pts)

  45. What was the title of Bruce Dickinson's novel which he wrote while on tour with Maiden? (2 pts)

  46. What are the meanings of the various Chinese messages on the Somewhere In Time cover? (4 pts each)

  47. Which song has a machine gun firing in the background? (2 pts)
    How many rounds are fired? (10 pts if exactly correct, 5 pts if within 10)

  48. Which tracks refer to Satan/the devil/Lucifer etc? (1 pt each)

  49. Which tracks refer to God/Jesus? (1 pt each)

  50. Iron Maiden is not known for their love songs... List as many Maiden songs as you can which mention love. (1 pt each)

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