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RANT 9.2

Iron Maiden Contest Results


Well, the trivia contest is over and there was a clear winner. Congratulations to Fabian for having the highest score and winning the Iron Maiden picture disc! The top 3 scores were:

Fabian (Brazil) 225 (83.3%)
Matt (U.K.) 209 (77.4%)
Arthur (U.S.A.) 208 (77.0%)
Average 163.5 (60.6%)
Low 107 (39.6%)

Although it turned out that a couple of questions were a bit too vague or subjective, overall I was quite happy with the results. There were some easy questions for which everyone knew the answers, and there were a couple questions that nobody answered correctly. I was also quite relieved that there was a clear winner and not a near-tie.

Here are a few of the things I've learned from this contest:

  1. Maiden fans are surprisingly knowledgeable! Even though it's likely that only the most knowledgeable actually entered the contest, I was still somewhat surprised at how high the scores were in general. If I had entered this contest before I researched the questions, I would not have done as well as many people did.

  2. Designing a trivia contest is harder work than I had thought. It's difficult to come up with difficult questions that are also fair, and even harder to phrase them so that they are clear and unambiguous.

  3. The answers to a few of the questions were difficult to verify. It's easy to vaguely remember reading about something somewhere, but much more difficult to actually come up with the reference. I'm pretty sure of the answers for this contest, even the ones that I couldn't find a concrete reference for. But if you think I'm wrong, I'll be happy to consider your evidence.

  4. I was very surprised at the generally poor results on the last three questions. I know that you guys are much more familliar with Maiden's songs than that! Perhaps it was just too much effort for people to think about every song.

  5. I generally did not subtract points for wrong answers, but for a few questions it probably would have been better to do so. If there had been a near-tie, I would have gone back and checked for wrong answers but it turned out that wasn't necessary.

Overall I had a fun time grading the entries and arguing about which answers deserved credit. Thanks to Analogkid2112 for coming up with some of the questions and helping me figure out the correct answers. Below is my list of answers to the contest. I'm expecting to be hammered with email from people who disagree with them, so if you think I'm wrong maybe you can teach me something. Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest!

1st July 1999


  1. Name the tracks that were on the original Soundhouse Tapes EP. (2 pts each)
    Which track was recorded with these tracks but not included on The Soundhouse Tapes. (2 pts)

    • The Soundhouse Tapes contained 'Iron Maiden', 'Invasion', 'Prowler'

    • 'Strange World was not included because the band was unhappy with the recording. (Run To The Hills, page 109)

      Average points awarded: 8 (100%)

  2. Which Maiden song has the longest title? (2 pts)

    • 'The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner'

    • I also accepted 'Bring Your Daughter... ...To The Slaughter' which has the same number of characters if you include the dots.

      Average points awarded: 2 (100%)

  3. Which Maiden song has the shortest title? (2 pts)

    • 'Virus'

    • I also accepted '2 A.M.' because it is somewhat unclear whether it contains a space or not – if it doesn't then it is tied with 'Virus'.

      Average points awarded: 1.69 (85%)

  4. What cover song did Iron Maiden release as an A-side single? (2 pts)
    Which single had no B-sides? (2 pts)

    • 'Women In Uniform' (Run To The Hills, pages 188-189)

    • 'Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter' is also technically a cover song, since it was not originally written for or released by Iron Maiden.

    • 'Twilight Zone'/'Wrathchild' was released as a double A-side and therefore had no B-side. (Run To The Hills, page 204)

      Average points awarded: 3.23 (81%)

  5. What was the title of Iron Maiden's first live EP? (2 pts)

    • Live!!! +One, released in 1980.

      Average points awarded: 1.08 (54%)

  6. What was the title of the Japanese version of Maiden Japan? (2 pts)
    What extra song did the U.S. version have? (2 pts)

    • Heavy Metal Army

    • 'Wrathchild'

      Average points awarded: 3.23 (81%)

  7. Name the Maiden songs that are related to Charlotte. (2 pts each)

    • 'Charlotte The Harlot' – "Charlotte the Harlot show me your legs"

    • '22 Acacia Avenue' – "Charlotte can't you get out from all this madness?"

    • 'Hooks In You' – "I got the keys to view at number 22"

    • 'From Here To Eternity' – "The beast and Charlotte they were two of a kind"

      Average points awarded: 7.38 (92%)

  8. Which of these songs has never been played live on tour? (2 pts each)
    'Genghis Khan', 'To Tame A Land', 'Childhood's End', 'Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger', 'The Duellists', 'Another Life', 'The Edge Of Darkness'

    • 'The Duellists' and 'Childhood's End' have never been played live on tour ('To Tame A Land' was played on the World Piece Tour).

      Average points awarded: 3.23 (81%)

  9. TRUE or FALSE; Steve Harris wears fake tattoos. (2 pts)

    • FALSE

    • Note: This question should have been "Approximately when did Steve Harris get his tattoos?". The answer is that they started appearing on his arms in pictures from the Powerslave era.

      Average points awarded: 1.85 (93%)

  10. Name some hidden features/messages on the Powerslave cover picture. (2 pts each)





    • Mickey Mouse's face

      Average points awarded: 8.15 (82%)

  11. Which Maiden song is about AIDS? (2 pts)

    • 'Fear Is The Key' – "The kids have lost their freedom, and nobody cares till somebody famous dies"

      Average points awarded: 1.69 (85%)

  12. Over the years which have been Maiden's traditional audience participation songs at concerts? (2 pts each)

    • 'Running Free' – "I'm running free YEAH"

    • 'Drifter' – "Yo Yo Yo"

    • 'Sanctuary' – "from the LAW-AHHH!"

    I also had to accept the following songs, even though their tradition is arguable:

    • 'Heaven Can Wait'

    • 'Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter'

    • 'From Here To Eternity'

      Average points awarded: 6.92 (58%)

  13. Which item is known as "The Holy Grail" among Iron Maiden collectors? (2 pts)

    • An original The Soundhouse Tapes on 7" vinyl. Only 5,000 copies were made, and they are now each worth approximately $200 U.S. (And I've got one of them!)

      Average points awarded: 2.00 (100%)

  14. Who plays guitar on the B-side Mission From Arry? (2 pts)

    • Nobody plays guitar on this track, which is actually a recording of an argument between Nicko, Steve, and Bruce.

      Average points awarded: 1.85 (93%)

  15. On a live Maiden recording, how can you easily tell which guitar part is played by Dave Murray? (2 pts)

    • Dave's guitar is virtually always in the left speaker.

      Average points awarded: 1.38 (69%)

  16. What event happens at the traditional climax of a Maiden concert? (2 pts)

    • Eddie comes onstage. Note that this isn't always during 'Iron Maiden' – he's been known to show up during other songs such as 'Powerslave' and 'Heaven Can Wait'.

      Average points awarded: 2.00 (100%)

  17. Which bandmember's nickname is "H"? (2 pts)
    Which bandmember's nickname is "Arry"? (2 pts)

    • "H" is Adrian Smith

    • "Arry" is Steve Harris

      Average points awarded: 3.70 (93%)


    This symbol is found on many of Iron Maiden's album covers. What is it? (2 pts)

    • Derek Riggs's mark, which is usually visible somewhere on each of his paintings. (For Bob Larson the TV preacher, it's not a satanic symbol you dumb schmuck.)

      Average points awarded: 1.85 (93%)

  19. Which Maiden songs either mention or are somehow related to ancient Egypt? (2 pts each)

    • 'Revelations' – "the eyes of the Nile are opening you'll see"

    • 'Powerslave' – "into the abyss I fall, the eye of Horus"

    • 'Alexander The Great' – "Then Egypt fell to the Macedon King as well"

      Average points awarded: 3.85 (64%)

  20. Name Maiden's instrumental songs. (2 pts each)

    • 'Transylvania'

    • 'The Ides Of March'

    • 'Genghis Khan'

    • 'Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)'

      Average points awarded: 7.54 (94%)

  21. List the Iron Maiden tracks that contain spoken narration. (excluding b-sides) (2 pts each)

    • 'The Prisoner' – "We want information..."

    • 'The Number Of The Beast' – "Woe to you oh earth and sea..."

    • 'Rime Of The Ancient Mariner' – "One after one by the star dogged moon..."

    • 'Alexander The Great' – "My son, ask for thyself another kingdom..."

    • 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son' – "Today is born the seventh one..."

      Average points awarded: 7.85 (79%)

  22. Which Iron Maiden song is about an extremely fat woman? (2 pts)

    • 'Nodding Donkey Blues' – "I mean she was big, she was fucking huge! Enormous!"

      Average points awarded: 1.23 (62%)

  23. On the back cover of The Soundhouse Tapes is a picture of Rob Loonhouse. Who was he and what instrument did he play? (4 pts)

    • Rob Loonhouse was a Maiden fan who took the picture that ended up on the front cover of The Soundhouse Tapes. He played a cardboard air-guitar. (Run To The Hills, page 110)

      Average points awarded: 3.23 (81%)

  24. Who is the fat guy in the Holy Smoke video? (2 pts)

    • Martin Birch

      Average points awarded: 0.46 (23%)

  25. What is Eddie's full name? (2 pts)

    • Edward The Head

    • I also accepted 'Eddie The Head' since that's how it appeared in the original joke. ('Listen With Nicko, Part I').

      Average points awarded: 2.00 (100%)

  26. What was 'To Tame A Land' originally going to be titled? (2 pts)
    Why was the title changed? (2 pts)

    • 'Dune'

    • The title was changed because Frank Herbert (the author of the book) refused to give permission. (Run To The Hills, page 261)

      Average points awarded: 3.85 (96%)

  27. Why didn't Bruce write any songs on the Somewhere In Time album? (2 pts)

    • The band rejected Bruce's songs because they were acoustic-oriented and not really Maiden's style. (Run To The Hills, pages 278-279)
      (Does anyone know if any of these songs ended up on Tattooed Millionaire?)

      Average points awarded: 1.38 (69%)

  28. List the Maiden singles which have a photo on the front cover. (2 pts each)

    • 'Running Free' (live)

    • 'From Here To Eternity'

    • 'Wasting Love'

    • 'Man On The Edge'

    For proof the 'Man On The Edge' (and probably The X Factor) picture is a photograph, look HERE.

    Note: I did not accept The Soundhouse Tapes because technically it was not a single.

    Average points awarded: 5.54 (69%)

  29. On which song did Bruce usually play guitar during concerts? (2 pts)
    For which song did he often wear a mask? (2 pts)

    • 'Revelations' – Bruce played an acoustic guitar.

    • 'Powerslave' – Bruce wore a mask.

    Both of these can be easily verified by watching the Live After Death video.

    Average points awarded: 3.23 (81%)

  30. Which Iron Maiden CDs are currently in the highest demand as collectors items? (2 pts)
    What approximate price-range are they currently worth? (2 pts)

    • The 1995 Castle Records re-issues with bonus CDs.

    • They are currently worth $20 - $40 U.S, depending on the album (based on recent auction prices at eBay).

    Although The First Ten Years CDs are also rare, they seem to be in slightly less demand than the Castle 2CD sets (based on eBay auction results).

    Note: The Soundhouse Tapes is incorrect because it isn't a CD.

    Average points awarded: 1.39 (35%)

  31. List Iron Maiden's officially released box sets. (2 pts each)

    • The First Ten Years

    • Virus

    • Best Of The Beast

    • Man On The Edge

    • Eddie's Head

      Average points awarded: 4.92 (49%)

  32. A member of a famous comedy troupe appears in an Iron Maiden video... Name the person, the video, and the comedy group. (Hint: the person is now deceased). (2 pts each)

    • Graham Chapman of Monty Python appeared in the 'Can I Play With Madness' video.

    • I also accepted Buster Keaton, who worked with Fatty Arbuckle in the early days of television. He appeared on the 'Run To The Hills' video.

      Average points awarded: 3.54 (59%)

  33. Who is Vic Vella, of the b-side 'Roll Over Vic Vella'? (4 pts)

    • Vic Vella was Maiden's roadie from the early days, and is currently Steve's personal assistant. (Run To The Hills, page 31)

      Average points awarded: 1.69 (42%)

  34. Which Iron Maiden song pretends to be something that it is not? (2 pts)
    What is the deception? (2 pts)

    • 'Remember Tomorrow' (live) (B-side of The Number Of The Beast)

    • This song is supposedly recorded live in Italy, but it is actually the same song from Maiden Japan with Paul's voice erased and Bruce's voice dubbed on top. At the end of the song you can even hear both Bruce and Paul shout "thank you, goodnight".

    Sorry for the vague wording of this question. I was looking for clear and intentional deception, not merely songs with obscure meanings.

    Average points awarded: 0.30 (8%)

  35. On the Live +One EP, which track does the '+One' refer to? (2 pts)

    • 'Women In Uniform', which was the only non-live track on the Japanese pressing. (The Greek pressing also contained a studio version of 'Drifter'.)

      Average points awarded: 1.54 (77%)

  36. Live After Death was recorded at Long Beach and Hammersmith. Which songs are officially available from these shows that were NOT included on any version of Live After Death? (2 pts each)

    • 'Sanctuary' – B-side of the single Running Free (live)

    • 'Murders In The Rue Morgue' – B-side of the single Running Free (live)

    • 'Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)' – B-side of the single Run To The Hills (live)

      Average points awarded: 4.00 (67%)

  37. Who designed the very first Iron Maiden T-shirt? (2 pts)
    What was written on it? (2 pts)

    • Keith Wilfort (who managed the Maiden fan club for many years)

    • The shirt said "CHARLOTTE RULES OK" (Run To The Hills, page 68)

      Average points awarded: 2.15 (54%)

  38. Who would Maiden have contacted to replace Dennis Stratton if Adrian hadn't accepted their offer? (2 pts)

    • Phil Collen, who eventually became famous in Def Leppard (Run To The Hills, page 176)

      Average points awarded: 1.85 (93%)

  39. What is Rod Smallwood's most important attribute, and which song mentions this attribute? (4 pts)

    • 'The Sheriff Of Huddersfield' mentions several of Rod's important attributes, including his immense strength and his small wallet. This question was too subjective and I basically accepted any attribute answers.

      Average points awarded: 3.54 (89%)

  40. Fill in the blank, (Nicko speaking on 'Mission From Arry') "He made me ______!" (2 pts)

    • "He made me FUCK!"

      Average points awarded: 1.54 (77%)

  41. How many writing credits has Nicko gotten on Iron Maiden releases over the years? (4 pts)

    • 'Nodding Donkey Blues'

    • 'The Sheriff Of Huddersfield' (credits go to Iron Maiden)

    • 'Listen With Nicko, Parts I–X'

    Technically this makes 12 credits.
    I gave 2 points for mentioning the 'Listen With Nicko' series, and 1 point each for the others.

      Average points awarded: 1.15 (29%)

  42. Name the tracks co-written by Clive Burr (2 pts each)

    • 'Gangland'

    • 'Total Eclipse'

      Average points awarded: 3.08 (77%)

  43. From which song did Steve Harris probably borrow a few lyrics for 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'? (2 pts)

    • 'Rainbow's Gold' – "Catch your soul, he's willing to fly away"

      Average points awarded: 0.46 (23%)

  44. Who or what is Black Bart, from the song 'Black Bart Blues'? (2 pts)

    • Black Bart was a suit of armour that rode in the back of Maiden's tour bus. I'm not sure what relationship it had with the song, except maybe that the setting for the song occurs in the tour bus.

      Average points awarded: 1.23 (62%)

  45. What was the title of Bruce Dickinson's novel which he wrote while on tour with Maiden? (2 pts)

    • The Adventures Of Lord Iffy Boatrace

      Average points awarded: 1.54 (77%)

  46. What are the meanings of the various Chinese messages on the Somewhere In Time cover? (4 pts each)

    • Front cover by Eddie's holster: "DANGER"

    • Front cover near Eddie's shoulder: "Jewel Well"

    • Back cover: "field of shallow clear water" (this one is sort of like a store name and doesn't translate very well).

    Thanks to my Chinese co-workers for helping with the translations. I'm pretty sure that they are correct because I got several independant opinions.

    Note that Japanese kanji was originally borrowed from the ancient Chinese and the characters are still pretty much the same, making it impossible (and somewhat irrelevant) to try and determine whether the messages are Chinese or Japanese.

      Average points awarded: 0.00 (0%)

  47. Which song has a machine gun firing in the background? (2 pts)
    How many rounds are fired? (10 pts if exactly correct, 5 pts if within 10)

    • 'Where Eagles Dare' has exactly 10 bursts of 18 rounds each, for a total of 180 rounds.

    I arrived at this number by sampling the song into Cool Edit 95, slowing it down to ¼ speed, and looking at a spectral plot in which each shot appears as a vertical spike and can be easily counted.

    A round is a single shot. Several respondants apparently had some confusion about this, but nobody got the correct answer anyway.

      Average points awarded: 1.54 (13%)

  48. Which tracks refer to Satan/the devil/Lucifer etc? (1 pt each)

    • 'Phantom Of The Opera' – "You're the devil you're just out to scare"

    • 'Prodigal Son' – "The devil's got hold on my soul..."

    • 'Number Of The Beast' – "the ritual has begun, Satan's work is done"

    • 'Die With Your Boots On' – "13th the beast is rising"

    • 'Caught Somewhere In Time' – "be Devil may care fulfil your dream"

    • 'Moonchild' – "be the devils own, Lucifer's my name"

    • 'The Prophecy' – "souls crying the devil's laughter"

    • 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son' – "both of them trying to manipulate..."

    • 'Holy Smoke' – "plenty bad preachers for the Devil to stoke"

    • 'Fates Warning' – "Be it the devil or be it him"

    • 'Run Silent Run Deep' – "a hound of hell and the devil don't care"

    • 'From Here To Eternity' – "they took a tumble at the devil's bend"

    • 'The Angel And The Gambler' – "The Angel on one side, the Devil the other"

    • 'Massacre' – "Through the devil's canyon"

    Note: several songs such as 'Quest For Fire' or 'Flash Of The Blade' contain the word "beast" but don't count since they are clearly referring to animals and not to the devil.

    I also didn't accept a few songs with references to demons, because a demon isn't the same thing as the devil.

      Average points awarded: 7.54 (54%)

  49. Which tracks refer to God/Jesus? (1 pt each)

    • 'Killers' – "oh God help me what have I done?"

    • 'Children Of The Damned' – "God knows he wants to go home"

    • 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' – "If there's a God then why has he let me go?"

    • 'Revelations' – "Oh god of earth and altar bow down and hear our cry"

    • 'Flight Of Icarus' – "In the name of god my father I'll fly"

    • 'Powerslave' – "Shell of a man God preserved for a thousand ages"

    • 'Rime Of The Ancient Mariner' – "To teach God's word by his own example"

    • 'Alexander The Great' – "became a God amongst mortal men"

    • 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son' – "both of them trying to manipulate..."

    • 'Holy Smoke' – "died on the cross and that ain't funny"

    • 'No Prayer For The Dying' – "God give me the answers to my life"

    • 'Fates Warning' – "Is it a hand on your shoulder from the lord above"

    • 'Afraid To Shoot Strangers' – "God let us go now and finish what's to be done"

    • 'Judas Be My Guide' – "We pray – To god for a better deal"

    • 'Sign Of The Cross' – "Why then is God still protecting me"

    • 'Judgement Of Heaven' – "And if there is a God then answer if you will"

    • 'The Edge Of Darkness' – "He's acting like a God – an insane lunatic"

    • 'Lightning Strikes Twice' – "only God knows, the whole sky glows"

    • 'Massacre' – "if God is in his heaven, how come there's no heaven here?"

    I decided not to accept 'The Evil That Men Do' "the seventh lamb slain" because it's meaning was a bit too subjective.

    I generally didn't accept songs with vague references to angels, since angels aren't equivalent to God/Jesus.

      Average points awarded: 9.85 (55%)

  50. Iron Maiden is not known for their love songs... List as many Maiden songs as you can which mention love. (1 pt each)

    • 'Strange World' – "A look at love, a dream unfolds"

    • Sanctuary – "and love me tonight, tonight"

    • Charlotte The Harlot – "Charlotte the Harlot let me see love"

    • Purgatory – "that all my love's inside of you"

    • 22 Acacia Avenue – "All the people that love you don't cast them aside"

    • 2 Minutes To Midnight – "for the love of living death"

    • Rime Of The Ancient Mariner – "that we must love all things that God made"

    • The Evil That Men Do – "Love is a razor"

    • Hooks In You – "strung up on love"

    • Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter – "True love and lipstick on your linen"

    • From Here To Eternity – "She fell in love with his greasy machine"

    • Childhood's End – "No food, no love"

    • Wasting Love – "Wasting love in a desperate caress"

    • Chains Of Misery – "He's seen what love is"

    • Sign Of The Cross – "Lost the love of heaven above"

    • Burning Ambition – "And I need your love now, baby"

    • Women In Uniform – "Khaki jacket and a love gun"

    • Reach Out – "You need to be loved"

    • All In Your Mind – "love supreme but it's all in your mind"

    • Nodding Donkey Blues – "She's got love when you want it"

    • Space Station No. 5 – "space and time makin' love"

    • I'm A Mover – "you know I don't love nobody"

    • Communication Breakdown – "Hey girl, I wanna tell you that I love you so"

      Average points awarded: 9.23 (38%)

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