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Blaze Days Re-Visited


There has been much speculation regarding Blaze's departure from the Iron Maiden. There are several accounts, and these are among the ones I've heard:

  • Blaze was fired because he didn't get along with Jannick and Nicko.

  • Blaze was fired because he didn't get along with Dave.

  • Steve is a tyrant who finally listened to the pleas of the rest of the band.

  • The members of the alt.rock-n-roll.metal.ironmaiden newsgroup got him fired.

  • Blaze realized he sucked and left the band of his own accord.

  • Steve was cured of his deafness.

  • It was a business decision that had to do with the selling of bonds and the better marketability of the band with Bruce in tow.

  • Blaze is a mean drunk.

Add to these other idiotic statements like Blaze is an idiot, Blaze is stupid, Blaze is a loser, Blaze is bald, cries of "die Blaze die!", Blaze is the worst singer in the world, etc. The object of my rant here is to share my point of view on the dissemination of rumors regarding Blaze's leaving the band, and also to share my observations on the zeal of some of these so-called "Blaze Bashers".

First of all, I personally don't know what happened and I don't think anyone knows except for Blaze, the band and perhaps a few key persons in the organization. To claim that one of the aforementioned situations is a fact, by anyone, is a very pretentious, ignorant and self-indulging act. Anything that anyone might have to say is just an opinion. If someone has a so-called "fact", then substantiate it with references and let the rest decide what they want to think. The official statement about Blaze's departure can be found on Iron Maiden's official website. There's really not much else that I can say regarding this matter except that most of us just do not know exactly what the circumstances were. (My own personal views can be found here in a previous rant.) But here are some things to think about before jumping to any conclusions:

  • Blaze was in the band for 5 years (that's half-a-decade folks!)

  • Both Maiden and Blaze have nothing but good things to say about each other.

  • Blaze is still part of the Sanctuary family (don't record labels or managers dump the artists if they suck?).

  • If internet "smarts" are responsible for getting Blaze out of the band, why is Janick still in? (also remember that he's been in the band longer than Adrian was during his first tenure)

  • Didn't Bruce say he'd be proud to sing Blaze songs?

Now, it's really interesting to see how angry people become about Blaze's tenure in the band. It's also interesting to see how people just jump in the "Blaze sucks" and pick up the "cause" in order to feel a sense of belonging (this is my opinion folks!). What's even more interesting is to see how people deprive themselves of a great thing due to their close-mindedness. An example comes to mind: as we know, Maiden's much anticipated tour has already begun and we've read the reviews from fans that have attended the concerts so far. I read one that said that the person chose to go get a beer or something, rather than listen to 'The Clansman'. I also remember reading from another concert-goer, who bragged about getting the people in his row chant "Fuck Blaze!" (FYI, Blaze is no longer in the band!) Again, it's really interesting that even after these people got their wish to have Bruce in the band, they continue to bash Blaze. I wonder what the purpose is to keep kicking Blaze now that he's gone; why not just wish him well and move on like adults? What is the point of continuing to bash him? What goal are they trying to achieve?

For better or for worse, Bruce and Adrian are back, and they are touring big places again. The prospect of new albums and tours is a very exciting one and there is surely something for every Maiden fan to enjoy. Let's take part of keeping Maiden's legacy alive and strong by enhancing it, and not by cheapening it with baseless assumptions or witch-hunting tendencies.

19th July 1999

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