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Rotterdam, Holland, 10-Sept-99


Yesterday was the big day, I was going with some friends to THE concert of 1999: Iron Maiden!! I had big expectations of the new line-up and I was interested how things would work out.

Of course, first there was Megadeth. I was not very impressed, they played some new songs (including the new single 'Crush 'em') and old stuff, which the audience seem to like more. Not being very familiar with Megadeth, I was happy when it was over. They played a bit shorter than one hour. About 25–30 minutes later, the lights went out again... a big roar went through Ahoy (sold out, about 10,000 people).

I wanted to see Maiden a bit closer than the last time that I've seen them, so I went to the front. I arrived at the left side, about 3rd row. The Ed Hunter video began with 'Transylvania' playing and suddenly there was a big bang.... the roaring of 2nd world war planes. This was it!!! 'Aces High'! After so many years the classic opener was back! Nicko was showing his head from behind the drum kit and then all others rushed into the front of stage. After a while it became clear that Dave and Adrian were left on the stage, Janick and Steve on the right side and Bruce was about everywhere. Steve was also running a lot and he was looking straight into the eyes of the audience.

Bruce wore black spandex (as always) trousers, with white lines on the side of his legs and he really seemed to be into this gig. This night his voice was really in good shape and he reached all high notes.

Some cool moments:

Bruce was introducing a song, talking a bit and suddenly someone from the audience threw a cap at him... in the middle of his speech, he said:"Oh, wait a minute, what's this?" He looked at the cap, to see what was written on it, and said (a bit annoyed): "Ooh, fuck! Bacardi! Dreadful! I hate that shit!" Anyway, for those who are interested: Bruce doesn't like Bacardi :-)

Then he continued with a somewhat "brave" speech, telling us that this wasn't a kind of cabaret, but that they were f*cking back and that they were about to record the best, the hardest maiden album ever, coming out next year! The audience went mental after hearing these words and in the middle of the roar he said: "And by the way, this is 'Phantom of the Opera'." This song was one of the highlights of the show.

After the 3rd or 4th song Bruce said with a smile: "Welcome to the new old new Iron Maiden."

During the first verses of 'Hallowed be thy name', Bruce was on the top of the stage, on the left side, standing behind bars, and he was actually putting his head between the bars, so it seemed very dramatic when he sang:"I am waiting in my cold cell.... etc"

Of course I also had interest for the others on stage. Janick played about as many solos as Adrian, e.g., he actually played the solo in 'Hallowed Be thy Name', and played the intro of '2 Minutes to Midnight'. He really goes wild sometimes, throwing his guitar around like a madman. Great to see that. :) Janick is way too underrated and I think he is very important for the band. Thanks to him, the band is still alive, because he was the one that kicked the rest of the band under the arse, when Adrian left.

'The Evil That Men Do' has always been one of my favourite songs, and when they played it, I was surprised when the solo came on. I already heard a mp3 from a recent show in the States and I couldn't figure out who was playing the solo. :-/ When I saw it live on stage, Janick played the solo, but also Adrian!! So they both played the same solo at the same time, which was very original, in my opinion.

The setlist was exactly the same as it has been in the last months. No 'Stranger In A Strange Land'. I really wonder why they have left that song out.

  • 'Aces High'

  • 'Wrathchild'

  • 'The Trooper'

  • '2 Minutes To Midnight'

  • 'The Clansman'

  • 'Wasted Years'

  • 'Killers'

  • 'Futureal'

  • 'Man On The Edge'

  • 'Powerslave'

  • 'Phantom Of The Opera'

  • 'The Evil That Men Do'

  • 'Fear Of The Dark' (with sing along, just like on A Real Live One)

  • 'Iron Maiden'


  • 'The Number Of The Beast'

  • 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'

  • 'Run To The Hills'

This was the 4th time that I saw Iron Maiden, and it was the best concert I have ever been to. To everyone who still has to see them: you won't regret it!



11th September 1999

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