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The True Meaning

Deniz Omer

As a hardcore Iron Maiden fan I would like to repeat what many others say in classifying Iron Maiden as one of the best bands to hit the music scene. Not only as a "metal" band but also as a "music" band. I have one difference with many of you guys; you have been listening to Iron Maiden for some twenty years now whereas I discovered Iron Maiden's music just over a year ago. As I read the other rants I felt that maybe they were biased; biased by the twenty years of listening. Is it possible to judge Iron Maidenís music of today without comparing it with the twenty years that have passed? I think not. But my generation (people born in the 80s) has an opportunity to judge without the past in mind.

For years I had been forced to listen to "pop" music. The Spice Girls and Michael Jackson were all I heard, there was no "other" music. This was maybe a conspiracy by all parents to keep us away from what they considered as "evil" music. I do not blame them; it is partly their fault for being so ignorant but there is also a certain image that clouds metal music. Alice Cooper with the snakes is one example. Oh how wrong they were! When I first heard Metallica I was astounded, this was the "true" music that was missing from my life. It is hard to describe musical emotions, but Iíll try. I often compare pop music with a deflated beach ball; it fails to amuse, it lacks creativity and its like all the other deflated balls, it follows itself in a continuous pattern like lemmings. Metal music, however is a fully inflated metal ball with spikes on it; it is cooler, it is not what normal people would use, it excites, and it exhilarates. Having an amplifier smashing out glorious guitar music is a dream come true. Maybe that is what pop music lacks. Pop is too soft. It has a different meaning to people. Metal is elite, the sounds of a guitar getting along with drums and bass is true music isnít it? Metal music has a mysterious pace to it. It stretches out to the brain and surrounds it, overwhelms it, completely swamping oneís senses. This is what Iron Maiden has accomplished. Their guitar music is unique; playing solos in front of one hundred thousand fans mystifies and remains a dream to any teenager. Every human is different. Every human brain interprets music in a different way, that is why it's no use screaming your head off trying to convert people to metal music. Every metal listener should be proud of himself (or herself), I am sure some of them are aware of this as they catch some pop music on the local radio. I am happy I have left that "pop" era behind. Some are born for classical music, some are born for rap, and I was born for metal.

As for the changes, I think that Iron Maiden know what they are doing, maybe if they had carried on the great music throughout the 90s then we would have been used to them and they would lose that sparkle. Now though, after people got used to the less than good 90s Maiden albums a brilliant one, like Ed Hunter and Brave New World shines out like a jewel in a sack of pebbles. As for Metallica, with the new change in music style, they lost maybe 50 metal fans for 100 pop fans gained. This is heart-breaking for the metal fans who feel betrayed. Metallica have addressed the mainstream listener while leaving the metal fan behind. Is this good or bad? From a metal fan attitude, after being with the "true Metallica" for a decade this is bad. But for Metallica, this means more fans (although not so hardcore), and having more fans means being more famous, rich and glamorous. This is where Iron Maiden is different. They will not do such a thing. Maybe Bruce Dickinsonís return is the proof of this. Iron Maiden is as strong as ever, strong... in a Brave New World!

Deniz Omer
20th June 2000

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