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What was new on the site in 1998:


Added Rant #3: About album covers. I'm going home to Canada for vacation so this might be the last update for a couple of weeks. Happy holidays everyone!


Added the entire Virus picture and a picture of the cassette cover of Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son which shows the top portion of the painting.


Added the Fear Of The Dark (live) single. Added the tracklist for the Donington '92 video. Also added some guitar solo info and fixed a few errors that I should have fixed months ago but somehow never got around to fixing.


Added Rant #2: The Munchie Crunch Factor. Old rants can still be found in the Rant Archive.


Launched a Trading Page where people can advertise Iron Maiden items that they are either hoping to trade/sell or things they are looking for. A few other pages already do this, but most of them don't get updated much.


Corrected the descripton of the Real Audio guitar solo from Somewhere On Tour. Also added a response to Rant #1.


Launched the Rants section of the site. Now and then I'll update it with something new that irritates me. Most of it will probably be about Maiden, metal, or music in general, but occasionally it might wander off topic too.


Added the The Evil That Men Do picture disc.


Joined the new Iron Maiden Ring, and dumped a couple other useless rings that shall remain nameless.


Added a RealAudio of Nicko McBrain's Rhythms Of The Beast which is so rare that few people have heard it. Enjoy! (I've since taken it down because it was too big).


Added The Angel And The Gambler picture disc.


Added comments on the Raising Hell video. Added the Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter picture disc brain pack and pictures of the Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter etched vinyl single – scans and info kindly provided by Tokus. Added a scan of the Infinite Dreams etched vinyl single. Added The Angel And The Gambler single.


Added the Futureal single, including a scan of Derek Riggs's picture. Added The First 10 Years video – thanks to Tokus for the scan and info.


Added four new picture discs: The Clairvoyant, Holy Smoke, From Here To Eternity, and Hallowed Be Thy Name.


Added the 12" vinyl verson of the Virus single, which has yet another cover picture and track list. Added lyrics to "All In Your Mind", "Kill Me Ce Soir", "I'm A Mover", "Communication Breakdown", and the music portion of "Space Station No. 5".


Added the singles (but no commentary yet) for Holy Smoke, Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter, and Be Quick Or Be Dead. Thanks again to Tokus for sending me the cover scans.


Added the Video Pieces video. Added part II of the Man On The Edge single. Added part I of the Virus single. Added a link to Lord Tennyson's The Charge Of The Light Brigade, which perhaps helped to inspire "The Trooper".


Added the Behind The Iron Curtain video, and the back-of-the-box text from the Iron Maiden – Rainbow 1980 video (yes, I've got the original now!). Added the Blaze Bayley interview transcript from the Man On The Edge single.


Added the Man On The Edge and Hallowed Be Thy Name singles.


Added three new picture discs: Run To The Hills, Wasted Years, and Fear Of The Dark Live>. Thanks to analogkid2112 for letting me borrow and scan them. Added the tracklist info for the Raising Hell video. Thanks to Tokus for providing the info.


Added From Here To Eternity to the singles section.


Added Donington Live 92 and Raising Hell to the videos section (No commentary or even a track list yet because I don't yet own them).


Added Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter to the picture disc section. Added 12 Wasted Years to the videos section.


Updated the commentary for A Real Live Dead One.


Added the changed cover pictures from the new re-releases of Iron Maiden, No Prayer For The Dying, and Live At Donington. Added some extra pictures to the Other Pictures section of some of the re-released albums. Added the correct cover picture for the Iron Maiden (London 1980) video.


Added Lord Of The Flies to the singles section of the page.


Added Virus to the singles section of the page.


Launched the videos section containing all of the videos that I have so far, and commentary will soon be added where appropriate.
Added four new picture discs: Number Of The Beast, Flight Of Icarus, 2 Minutes To Midnight, and Aces High.


Modified the guestbook script. New entries are now numbered and added to the top of the list. Please report any bugs if you find them...


Added a new guitar solo by Dave Murray, from the Legendly First Gig In Japan bootleg, 8-5-1981.
Finished commenting on the First Ten Years box set with the addition of comments for "Part IX" and "Part X".


Launched the section for picture discs, containing all of the discs I have so far in my collection. I'll be adding others as I get them.


Added a short Janick Gers guitar solo to the Miscellaneous Sounds section of the site.
Added commentary for The First Ten Years, Part VII and The First Ten Years, Part VIII.


Added a Clive Burr drum solo to the Miscellaneous Sounds section of the site.
Added a picture of the Japanese "Heavy Metal Army" version of Maiden Japan.


Added comments for The Soundhouse Tapes and Metal For Muthas.


Added commentary for The First Ten Years, Part V and The First Ten Years, Part VI.


Replaced the most recently added Nicko and Dave solos with Nicko and Dave solos from the 10 Years Old, Eddie's Boys bootleg, because these solos are much clearer and better quality.
Added links to Amazon.com for purchasing the new Maiden re-releases, which can now be pre-ordered.


Added a Nicko drum solo and another Dave guitar solo to the Miscellaneous Sounds section of the site.
Added commentary for The First Ten Years, Part III and The First Ten Years, Part IV.


Added a new bootleg guitar solo to the Miscellaneous Sounds page.


Added commentary for The First Ten Years, Part I and The First Ten Years, Part II.
Expanded some of the comments for the Iron Maiden album.
Added a few credits to the bottom of the Introduction page.


Added the words for Listen With Nicko, Part IX and Listen With Nicko, Part X.


Launched the MISC SOUNDS page, with a bootleg Dave Murray guitar solo.
Added another possible explanation for the backward messagein 'Drifter' (live). Check it out and decide for yourself.


Added the words for Listen With Nicko, Part VII.


Added the words for Listen With Nicko, Part VI and Listen With Nicko, Part VII.


Updated the Backward Messages page with a bit more discussion and a couple of links. Added the words for Listen With Nicko, Part V.


Modified the frames width so that the page looks better for lower resolutions (640x480). This still needs a bit more work.


Added a new backward message from "Still Life" (not the familliar Nicko message). Can you tell what this implicit message says?
Added the complete words for "Mission From 'Arry".


Added the words for Listen With Nicko parts I–IV, as well as Nicko's phone messages in Real Audio. Still no commentary on the singles yet, but I'll get to it soon.


Updated the commentary for Virtual XI to include some comments on each song by Steve Harris, which were included on the lyric translation sheet for the Japanese double-CD version of the album.


Installed the framework pages for the singles/b-sides commentary and lyrics. I'll hopefully be adding the content during the next several weeks.


Installed a guestbook, so you can sign if you feel like it.


Added lyrics all of the albums.


Added many more history, literature, and movie links.


Moved the entire site to a new and much faster web server.


Added comments for Best Of The Beast and Live At Donington.


Added a small page for Blaze/Janick haters.


Added comments for Virtual XI.


Added the option for NO FRAMES.


Added comments for The X Factor.
Added comments for A Real Live One and A Real Dead One.


Added a note about the album and song ratings.


Added comments for Fear Of The Dark.


Fixed the RealAudio for the backward message in Drifter(live).
Now it might actually work. Thanks to Evil Noddy for pointing out the problem.
Added extra pictures for Iron Maiden, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son.
Added a new RealAudio sample to the Backward Messages page.


Added some cool closeups of the Powerslave album cover.
If you don't have the LP, you probably haven't noticed these.


Added comments for No Prayer For The Dying
Added extra pictures for Killers, The Number Of The Beast, Piece Of Mind, and Powerslave.


Added comments for Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son.


Added comments for Somewhere In Time.


Added this What's New page.
Added historical reference links to the links page.


Added comments on Live After Death.


Added comments on Powerslave.


Added the Backward Messages page after I discovered the backward message in "Drifter" (live).


Bæleron's Iron Maiden Commentary goes online.



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