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What was new on the site in 2001:


Added a new band to the Other Bands page. This one is a brilliant young band whose guitarist was kind enough to send me their album. The band's name is a href="http://www.centuryscream.fr.st" target="_blank">Century Scream and the album is called Hero. If you feel that Metal is not offering anything new anymore, get hold of their album and I'm pretty sure you'll change your mind.


Duane Aubin has written a new rant. This one is shorter than the previous one but still retains his remarkable style. Maybe it will provide a new topic to discuss on the forum...


I finally updated the Other Bands page. There are no new bands there, but the links to the relevant albums have been re-directed to the corresponding pages on the official sites of the concerned bands and the latest releases have been included.


Addition of an interesting new rant. The topic may surprise some, and its length may put off a few readers. Nevertheless, I encourage all visitors to read it as its style is excellent and the conclusions quite unusual.


The site has undergone a complete reorganisation and has also now a new look. The reason for this is that I intend to have all the pages in six major languages of the planet, namely English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German. The new structure will hopefully enable me to post the translated pages more easily than before (if my translators eventually wake up and start sending me stuff!).
Only the English side is currently available and the entry to the French pages needs to be done from the index page – the links from the English pages are active but don't lead anywhere for the moment. All the Spanish translations are also unavailable right now, but they will eventually resurface in due time. Please remember that maintaining this site represents a lot of work, and I don't always have time to do the updates I'd wish to do (and you'd probably wish to see!). Just be patient and keep coming back.
One last thing: during the reorganisation, I also have modified some commentaries. I cannot provide a list as it would be too long to post here (besides, I don't remember all of them!). I hope you'll find the new layout nice and easy to naviguate, and I thank you all for your fidelity to this site.



Updated the Links page. The webmasters whose page I have linked can send me an email for correction of eventual mistakes and additional information that they'd wish to appear on the page. Those who have already a web page that I haven't listed can also mail me with their page name and URL, name and/or nickname, location, and any other info they would like me to add. Just check the page out, see where your website would fit in, and write to me. All languages and origins welcome, as long as the submitted sites aren't about "christian metal" or promoting intolerance and/or hatred of any sort.


Updated the Hallowed Be Thy Name single commentary in the light of a rare Maiden Japan cover sleeve from Venezuela. I am grateful to Matteo Urpi for pointing it out to me and to Chris Doran, webmaster of Trooper Sounds, for giving me permission to use his picture.


More Italian translations added. This time, it's the Iron Maiden album lyrics that were translated by Corrado.


For those who are learning Italian, or who are Italian and not so comfortable with English, I've added the Italian translation of the Killers album lyrics. I am very grateful to Corrado for doing this translation.


Updated the Piece Of Mind commentary. Pay particular attention to the commentary of "To Tame A Land".
The commentary of Powerslave was also updated.


Updated the commentary on "Prodigal Son" with new info about what a lamia actually is supposed to be. Thanks to Lib for pointing out the Genesis song to me.


Updated the Sanctuary single commentary in the light of a recent Derek Riggs interview. The layout is also changing page by page as from now (this might take some time, so please be patient and bear with me!). I also set up a "Line-ups" section for those of you who like pretty pictures of the musicians. Hope you like it!


Updated the link to the latest Maiden News of The Edge Of Darkness, as this site has now a new and improved version.


Posted a new rant, The classics of our time, written by Andrew. Whatever reactions it provokes may be posted on the forum.


Added an new response by Drifter to the Alternica rant.


Set up a new Bulletin Board so everyone can post their opinions/impression about Iron Maiden's songs. I am sorry about those who posted on the old one, but those can still register and copy/paste their previous messages on the new board. You can find the old BB here.


The transcription of the In Profile CD has been added. As this site doesn't have (and doesn't need) a biography of the band, I thought that I could compromise by adding this CD, which is after all an official release too.


Added yet another response to the Alternica rant.


Opened a new "Tribute Bands" section. If you have a Maiden tribute band and a website to go with it, please get in touch with me and I'll add you to my list.


Added an extention to Lib's rant thanks to Gavin Anderson.


Set up a Bulletin Board in association with the Edge Of Darkness website. This forum is mostly made for those who want to discuss openly with other visitors what they think Maiden songs mean. The most interesting comments/references will be added to the relevant pages of the Commentary.


Added a reply to rant #20 in the form of a new rant. I am indeed pleased to see that the Commentary's visitors can demonstrate such intelligence, along with respect for each other although they don't share the same views.


Posted a new rant brilliantly written by Gho§t in the Machine. Many will find it disturbing as "true" Maiden fans, but I personally consider it a healthy reminder that, although this site is dedicated to Iron Maiden, we do not worship the very ground the band walks on, and that Maiden aren't flawless (well, they're only human after all). Intelligent critics such as this rant are always welcome and deserve to be published even if I don't agree entirely with them. As usual, mindless flames will be ignored by both the author of the rant and myself, but constructive criticism will certainly be taken into consideration.


Updated the No Prayer For The Dying commentary with comments from Bruce Dickinson on each song.


Added a "Maiden News" section directing the visitors to The Edge Of Darkness, as this site has frequent updates on what's happening with Maiden around the world.


Added a new Humour section to the French side. As most of it is in French, I didn't want to inflinct it to the non-French speakers.


Added an excerpt of a Bruce Dickinson interview on the Brave New World page.


Added the commentary of "Out Of The Silent Planet".


Addition of a new and interesting interpretation of "Back In The Village" thanks to HConnor7.


Added a valuable response to the Alternica rant.


Added the commentary of "The Mercenary", "Dream Of Mirrors", "The Fallen Angel", and "The Nomad".


Added the commentary of "Blood Brothers".
I also corrected a mistake on the commentary of "The Wicker Man", thanks to Gangland who pointed out to me that Charon was ferrying the souls across the Acheron, and not the Styx.


The commentaries of "The Wicker Man", "Ghost Of The Navigator", and "Brave New World" have been posted. The rest should be done soon, but this is a start.


Added two new sites to the French links: Up The Irons, and The Clansman.



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