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What was new on the site in 2009:


The Links section has been tidied up, with many dead URLs send to the virtual boneyard. And don't forget to let me know whether you want all songs on individual pages or not by voting on the Iron Maiden Commentary fan page on Facebook.


Two more tribute albums have been added to the list, namely A Strange Illusion and Hip Hop Tribute To Iron Maiden.


The tribute album section has been has been reworked a bit, with the addition videos from YouTube and of two of the most recent albums that were missing from the list. There again, new links have also been set up at the bottom of the pages for easier navigation.
For those who are into social networking, I have a profile on Facebook, or you can simply join the new Iron Maiden Commentary group on Facebook.


The tour section has been has been cleaned up and new links have been added at the bottom of the pages for easier navigation.


The 2008/09 Somewhere Back In Time Tour has been added. If you see anything missing or erroneous in the tour dates information, please let me know.


The 2006/07 A Matter Of Life And Death Tour has finally been added. Please bear in mind that I'm a very busy professional, and that the updates will be slow. They will come, though.
Thanks for your understanding!


The Iron Maiden Commentary has now its own URL, www.ironmaidencommentary.com.



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