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Metal For Muthas Tour

May 1976 – March 1980

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It is difficult to define exactly when Iron Maiden began their first "tour". Since 1976, Iron Maiden had been touring various pubs and clubs in London, including The Cart And Horses, The Ruskin Arms, The Marquee, and of course The Soundhouse. However, it seems clear that Maiden's first actual tour in support of an album was the Metal For Muthas tour, where they co-headlined with the other bands from the album. Their set list included songs that had been part of their repertoire for years and were bona fide crowd favorites. Most of these songs ended up in their first release Iron Maiden, whereas songs such as "Wrathchild", and "Another Life" were kept alive and eventually included on their second album Killers. So although it was Maiden's first real tour, they were already veterans of the stage and knew how to blow away the crowd. At least one full-unaccompanied guitar solo by Dave Murray was part of the early Maiden shows, but because of the many changes in drummer over that time period it is not certain that there were ever any drum solos.


SETLIST (varied)
  Intro: The Ides Of March Commentary Lyrics
  Prowler Commentary Lyrics
  Sanctuary Commentary Lyrics
  Remember Tomorrow Commentary Lyrics
  Running Free Commentary Lyrics
  Transylvania Commentary Lyrics
  Invasion Commentary Lyrics
  Charlotte The Harlot Commentary Lyrics
  Phantom Of The Opera Commentary Lyrics
  Iron Maiden Commentary Lyrics
  Guitar solo (Dave Murray)
  Drifter Commentary Lyrics

Metal For Muthas Tour


Iron Maiden opened for the following bands
Samson Saxon


The following bands co-headlined or opened for Iron Maiden
Air Aces Angel Witch
Bad Manners Blitzfish
Bombshell Desolation Angels
Diamond Head Fist
Magnum More
The Monos Praying Mantis
Quartz Raven
Toad The Wet Sprocket Urchin
Witchfynde Wounded John Scott Cree


Much of the information gathered about the gigs and bands comes from these sites
The Bridge House

The Heavy Metal Soundhouse

The BNR Metal Pages
The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal

The Metal Archives


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