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World Piece Tour

World Piece Tour

May – December 1983

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"What ho! Sed the 'ting...!" This tour in support of the Piece Of Mind album was massively successful and helped set the stage for the unprecedented World Slavery Tour a year later. After the previous tour, the rigours of touring and poor health caused drummer Clive Burr to quit the band, and he was replaced by ex-Trust drummer Nicko McBrain. This would be Iron Maiden's most durable line-up, and the one that went on to be one of the most successful rock acts ever. With the exception of the encores, their set list featured mostly songs from the "Dickinson era" up to that point. Songs such as "Phantom Of The Opera" and "Iron Maiden" were slowed down from their breakneck speed tempos of previous tours. The stage set was more elaborate than ever before and featured pyrotechnics and a giant Eddie head above the drum riser. Part of their set was captured on film when they played Europe's famous Dortmund Festival on the last date of the tour. The tour ended on a high note as Bruce Dickinson took the brain out of Eddie's head as Eddie was kicked and pummeled by the band, and Dave Murray lovingly smashed his black Fender Stratocaster to pieces on Eddie's neck and a nearby amplifier. All this is documented on the Early Days DVD released in 2004.

No longer an opening act, the following bands opened for Maiden:


Opening bands for this tour
Grand Prix Rock Goddess – Wikipedia Saxon – Official Website
Fastway – Wikipedia Coney Hatch – Wikipedia Quiet Riot – Wikipedia
Axe – Official Website Vandale – MySpace MSG – Official Website
SETLIST (varied)
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World Piece Tour


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