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Virtual XI World Tour 1998

Virtual XI World Tour

April – December 1998

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Album Commentary

The Virtual XI tour was Iron Maiden's second and final world tour with Blaze Bayley at the helm. Like The X Factour, Maiden generally played to smaller audiences than in years past, especially in the U.S. However, the shows were as powerful and energetic as ever, featuring old songs as well as most of the songs from their new album Virtual XI. Unfortunately Blaze once again allegedly suffered allergy problems which caused the entire last half of the U.S. tour to be cancelled. This was to be Bayley's last tour with Maiden since it was announced a few months after the abrupt end of their tour that both Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith would be returning to Iron Maiden.


Opening bands for this tour
Helloween – Official Website Dirty Deeds – Official Website Dio – Official Website
Tribe Of Gypsies – Official Website Ángeles del Infierno – Official Website Dog Family
Raimundos – Wikipedia
SETLIST (varied)
Standard Set
 Intro: Theme from Romeo And Juliet [Dance Of The Knights] (Prokofiev)
 Futureal Commentary Lyrics
 The Angel And The Gambler Commentary Lyrics
 Man On The Edge Commentary Lyrics
 Lightning Strikes Twice Commentary Lyrics
 Heaven Can Wait Commentary Lyrics
 The Clansman Commentary Lyrics
 When Two Worlds Collide Commentary Lyrics
 Lord Of The Flies Commentary Lyrics
 2 Minutes To Midnight Commentary Lyrics
 The Educated Fool Commentary Lyrics
 Sign Of The Cross Commentary Lyrics
 Hallowed Be Thy Name Commentary Lyrics
 Afraid To Shoot Strangers Commentary Lyrics
 The Evil That Men Do Commentary Lyrics
 The Clairvoyant Commentary Lyrics
 Fear Of The Dark Commentary Lyrics
 Iron Maiden Commentary Lyrics
 The Number Of The Beast Commentary Lyrics
 The Trooper Commentary Lyrics
 Sanctuary Commentary Lyrics
Tracks played only at a few venues
 Murders In The Rue Morgue Commentary Lyrics
 Fortunes Of War Commentary Lyrics
 Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger Commentary Lyrics

Virtual XI Tour


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