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Brave New World Tour

Brave New World Tour

June 2000 – January 2001

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Album Commentary

As of this writing, the Brave New World Tour was still in progress.

With the release of their album Brave New World, the band embarked on a massive world tour, playing to enthusiastic big crowds again. In Europe, the tour was called Metal 2000, and in the rest of the world it was simply called the Brave New World Tour. The stage set was the most elaborate the band has had in years complete with explosions, giant backdrops, a giant wicker Eddie (with a few fair maidens inside!), and of course everyoneís favorite corpse, Mr. Edward T. Head himself! It should be noted that this has been the only time in Maidenís touring history that an incarnation of Eddie from another tour has made a return appearance. The Ed Hunter Eddie joins the band during 'The Evil That Men Do' to battle against Janick.

The band chose to begin their shows with three songs off the new album, a ballsy move considering that a great majority of fans attend their shows to hear the old classics almost exclusively. So far this tour has featured "rants" by Bruce Dickinson in which he lambastes MTV, and the general state of music, while heralding the return of Metal as a force to be reckoned with.

This is the second tour to feature the "re-united" Iron Maiden featuring the line-up of Smith-Dickinson-Harris-Murray-Gers-McBrain. The Brave New World album features songs written specifically for a three-guitar line-up. Songs like the title track are particularly powerful in their live versions. For the older songs, some adjustments have taken place given the three-guitar onslaught: Adrianís guitar solo in 'The Trooper' is duplicated by Janick, and a two-part harmony is played at the end of the solo, thus staying more faithful to the studio recording. Janick also doubles Adrianís solo during 'The Evil That Men Do'. Janick also now plays the second solo during 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'.

The chemistry between band members seems to be in fine form. There had been reports of Adrian looking lost or unhappy onstage. That was not apparent from the show Bæleron and I attended. Everybody played an important role in the execution of the concert.

The Metal 2000 Tour (the European leg of the tour) did not go without its hitches. Apparently the first few outdoor shows were played under heavy rains, and at one point some shows had to be cancelled due to Janick suffering a serious fall from the stage in Mannheim, Germany. Thankfully he fully recovered in time to finish that leg of the tour.

The Brave New World Tour features one of the strongest bills in recent history with Rob Halford and Queensrÿche, and that should get a special mention. The song list was evenly distributed between old and newer classics. It should be noted that the set list did not include any songs from Somewhere In Time and No Prayer For The Dying. The song 'The Fallen Angel' was played in some of the European dates.

Bruce Dickinson has promised a new studio album from Iron Maiden and another tour. I believe that those who have been fortunate enough to witness a show from this tour, have witnessed an historical event.



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