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Transilvania 666

Locomotive Records


16th November 1999


CD 1
1. Run To The Hills [Avalanch]
2. Flight Of Icarus [Tierra Santa]
3. Charlotte The Harlot [Lujuria]
4. The Evil That Men Do [Azrael]
5. Wasted Years [Skunk D.F.]
6. Wrathchild [Grass]
7. Fear Of The Dark [Demonios]
8. Revelations [Twilight]
CD 2
1. Strange World [Mago De Oz]
2. The Trooper [Easy Rider]
3. Phantom Of The Opera [Ankhara]
4. Powerslave [Pyramid]
5. Running Free [Tea]
6. Holy Smoke [Aerobitch]
7. Moonchild [Sentinel]
8. Children Of The Damned [Dracon]

Although I have nothing against female nudity when it's elegantly displayed, I find the cover of this tribute album rather cheesy. However, don't let this put you off, as the musical content of this 2-CD tribute album is quite outstanding. All 100% Spanish, these bands offer the most original cover versions of Iron Maiden, with different degrees of success, but having in each case the merit to have tried to provide the listener with something different. With excellent (in most cases) and original performances, this album is quite highly recommended.


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  AVALANCH – Run To The Hills (Harris) Run To The Hills – Commentary Run To The Hills – Lyrics

From the dreamy, atmospheric intro, you'd never know which Iron Maiden song is being covered here until you heard the lyrics. The song then kicks into a brilliant and unusual rendition of "Run To The Hills". This version is very different from the original and excellently performed.

Avalanch – Official Website


Video from fabiell.



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  TIERRA SANTA – Flight Of Icarus (Smith, Dickinson) Flight Of Icarus – Commentary Flight Of Icarus – Lyrics

Yet another dreamy and unusual start that makes the song only recognisable by its lyrics. Tierra Santa is one of many talented Spanish bands who normally sing in their native language, although they seem to have achived a fair amount of notoriety outside of their national borders. Being some kind of Iron Maiden clone anyway, their deliver here a brilliant cover version of "Flight Of Icarus" that bursts into a fast-paced instrumental section worthy of any Maiden song.

Tierra Santa – Official Website


Video from mrpko2.



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  LUJURIA – Charlotte The Harlot (Murray) Charlotte The Harlot – Commentary Charlotte The Harlot – Lyrics

This cover is probably one of the weakest on this album, with little, if any, originality and a weird Nu-Metal style. The worst thing is probably the chorus when the singer fails to pronounce the "t" in "Charlotte" and in "harlot" – "Charlow the harlow", hey?

Lujuria – Official Website



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  AZRAEL – The Evil That Men Do (Smith, Dickinson, Harris) The Evil That Men Do – Commentary The Evil That Men Do – Lyrics

The power and energy of the original song have been respected in this interesting version of "The Evil That Men Do", with a singer that emulates pretty well the vocals of Bruce Dickinson. Also look out for the ending à la "Trooper". This cover is nothing outstanding, but still quite decent.

Azrael – Official Website


Video from azraelheavy.



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  SKUNK D.F. – Wasted Years (Smith) Wasted Years – Commentary Wasted Years – Lyrics

This rather strange version of "Wasted Years" is some kind of weird mix between Electro style and real music. Interesting at most...

Skunk D.F. – Official Website



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  GRASS – Wrathchild (Harris) Wrathchild – Commentary Wrathchild – Lyrics

Reminiscent of the style of Rage Against The Machine, this version of "Wratchild" is quite enjoyable. Something different and musically properly performed.



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  DEMONIOS – Fear Of The Dark (Harris) Fear Of The Dark – Commentary Fear Of The Dark – Lyrics

Despite being rather cheesy, this slow cover of "Fear Of The Dark" is actually quite nice to listen to. The singer should have learned a bit of English beforehand, though! Good job anyway.


Video from Silvanich.



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  TWILIGHT – Revelations (Dickinson) Revelations – Commentary Revelations – Lyrics

In a different style from the original (like most covers on this album), this rendition of "Revelations" is quite good. Not much more add...



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  MÄGO DE OZ – Strange World (Harris) Strange World – Commentary Strange World – Lyrics

Very original and performed with great musicianship, this version of "Strange World" starts slowly and dreamily, respecting the atmosphere of the original song, then breaks into a great fast-paced instrumental, with the addition of violin and recorder, based on the little acoustic part that can be heard at the very end of "The Prophecy". This is one of the best songs on this album.

Mago De Oz – Official Website


Video from deiko240.



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  EASY RIDER – The Trooper (Harris) The Trooper – Commentary The Trooper – Lyrics

Great rendition of "The Trooper", close-ish to the original, but still different enough to be enjoyable.

Easy Rider – Official Website



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  ANKHARA – Phantom Of The Opera (Harris) Phantom Of The Opera – Commentary Phantom Of The Opera – Lyrics

This is a really good version of "Phantom", with interesting choruses and a new dimension brought in by the double-bass drumming.

Ankhara – Official Website


Video from ikerbeast666.



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  PYRAMID – Powerslave (Dickinson) Powerslave – Commentary Powerslave – Lyrics

This rather bland version of "Powerslave" is mainly hampered by the weak vocals, but the instrumental section is pretty good.

Pyramid – Official Website



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  TEA – Running Free (Harris, Di'Anno) Running Free – Commentary Running Free – Lyrics

Using the intro of "The Prisoner", this brilliant Blues rendition of "Running Free" is one of the best on the album – if you like Blues/Rock that is!

Tea – Official Website



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  AEROBITCH – Holy Smoke (Harris, Dickinson) Holy Smoke – Commentary Holy Smoke – Lyrics

This grungy cover of "Holy Smoke" is quite decent, without being anything really fantastic. The punkish guitars are quite nice, though.

Aerobitch – Official Website



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  SENTINEL – Moonchild (Smith, Dickinson) Moonchild – Commentary Moonchild – Lyrics

Decent fast cover. Not much else to say about it.



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  DRACON – Children Of The Damned (Harris) Children Of The Damned – Commentary Children Of The Damned – Lyrics

This is a quite good cover of a great song. Dragon played it safe and kept pretty close to the original, with good results.




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