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A Tribute To The Beast

Nuclear Blast Records


30th April 2002


1. The Ides Of March / Purgatory [Steel Prophet]
2. Aces High [Children Of Bodom]
3. The Trooper [Rage]
4. Hallowed Be Thy Name [Cradle Of Filth]
5. Running Free [Grave Digger]
6. Prowler [Burden Of Grief]
7. Die With Your Boots On [Sonata Arctica]
8. Children Of The Damned [Therion]
9. Transylvania [Iced Earth]
10. Remember Tomorrow [Opeth]
11. The Number Of The Beast [Sinergy]
12. Stranger In A Strange Land [Disbelief]
13. Flight Of Icarus [Tierra Santa]
14. 22 Acacia Avenue [Dark Tranquillity]
15. Wrathchild [Six Feet Under]
16. Powerslave [Darkane]

For this tribute album, Nuclear Blast Records have chosen to use the big names of Heavy Metal. This is probably a way to "play it safe", but the result is nevertheless a very good record, with those big brass of Metal giving successfully their best shots at playing Iron Maiden songs in their respective styles.

A Tribute To The Beast – Back cover


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  STEEL PROPHET – The Ides Of March / Purgatory (Harris) The Ides Of March – Commentary The Ides Of March – Lyrics

This cover first appeared on the 1998 Iron Maiden tribute album A Call To Irons.

Steel Prophet – Official Website


Video from Riffienkuningas666.



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  CHILDREN OF BODOM – Aces High (Harris) Aces High – Commentary Aces High – Lyrics

Made in the distinctive Children Of Bodom style, this cover of "Aces High" is great. Some may object that the voice doesn't fit, but it seems – to me at least – that it's perfect for this kind of rendition. The solos are brilliant, including that with the synth. The power and energy of the original song have been here taken to new heights.

Children Of Bodom – Official Website


Video from FantaFreakftw.



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  RAGE – The Trooper (Harris) The Trooper – Commentary The Trooper – Lyrics

Fast and furious, with the addition of appropriate (and typical) "yeah!" from Peavey Wagner, this is also an excellent cover of an Iron Maiden classic. Perfect!

Rage – Official Website


Video from 006009.


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  CRADLE OF FILTH – Hallowed Be Thy Name (Harris) Hallowed Be Thy Name – Commentary Hallowed Be Thy Name – Lyrics

Darker and even more atmospheric than the original, this cover of "Hallowed..." by Cradle Of Filth is either loved or loathed by Maiden fans. Some say that the vocals destroy the song, while others insist that such vocals give the story a new light: that the condemned man is really evil and deserves to die at the gallows. Listen to it and make your own mind up. I personally had problems with the voice at first, but now I love it!

Cradle Of Filth – Official Website


Video from jda494.



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  GRAVE DIGGER – Running Free (Harris, Di'Anno) Running Free – Commentary Running Free – Lyrics

This is once again an excellent cover, with an interesting drumming. Not much else to say.

Grave Digger – Official Website


Video from Dushead.



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  BURDEN OF GRIEF – Prowler (Harris) Prowler – Commentary Prowler – Lyrics

With doom-ish vocals, this cover is anyway pretty excellent.

Burden Of Grief – Official Website





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  SONATA ARCTICA – Die With Your Boots On (Smith, Dickinson, Harris) Commentary Lyrics

Strange background vocals, including some kind of "Viking choir", but nice cover.

Sonata Arctica – Official Website


Video from dark994.



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  THERION – Children Of The Damned (Harris) Children Of The Damned – Commentary Children Of The Damned – Lyrics

This cover appeared first on the 1997 Made In Tribute album.

Therion – Official Website


Video from golgheteru85.



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  ICED EARTH – Transylvania (Harris) Transylvania – Commentary Transylvania – Lyrics

Iced Earth's style is easily recognisable in this brilliant cover of "Transylvania". Great stuff!

Iced Earth – Official Website


Video from DaniloHenriqueSouza.



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  OPETH – Remember Tomorrow (Harris, Di'Anno) Remember Tomorrow – Commentary Remember Tomorrow – Lyrics

This cover appeared first on the 1998 Iron Maiden tribute album A Call To Irons.

Opeth – Official Website


Video from ProgFan1988.



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  SINERGY – The Number Of The Beast (Harris) The Number Of The Beast – Commentary The Number Of The Beast – Lyrics

Close to the original, this cover of "The Number Of The Beast" is quite good, mostly the guitar solos.

Sinergy – Official Website


Video from DeathRaz0r666.



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  DISBELIEF – Stranger In A Strange Land (Smith) Stranger In A Strange Land – Commentary Stranger In A Strange Land – Lyrics

Growling vocals and Iron Maiden songs do not fit each other as a general rule (there are exceptions, though). The voice on this cover of "Stranger In A Strange Land" is simply awful. This is probably the worst song on the whole album. Dreadful!

Disbelief – Official Website


Video from afoolisharrangement.



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  TIERRA SANTA – Flight Of Icarus (Smith, Dickinson) Flight Of Icarus – Commentary Flight Of Icarus – Lyrics

This cover appeared first on the 1999 Iron Maiden tribute album Transilvania 666.

Tierra Santa – Official Website


Video from mrpko2.



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  DARK TRANQUILLITY – 22, Acacia Avenue (Harris, Smith) 22, Acacia Avenue – Commentary 22, Acacia Avenue – Lyrics

This cover appeared first on the 1997 Made In Tribute album.

Dark Tranquillity – Official Website


Video from untilkingdomcome.



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  SIX FEET UNDER – Wrathchild (Harris) Wrathchild – Commentary Wrathchild – Lyrics

Strangely enough, Doom-style vocals somehow fit this song. This cover is nothing great, but it's still quite palatable, even with the growls.

Six Feet Under – Official Website


Video from xxxsfu420xxx.



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  DARKANE – Powerslave (Dickinson) Powerslave – Commentary Powerslave – Lyrics

There isn't much to say about this version of "Powerslave". It's decent, that's all.

Darkane – Official Website


Video from saintkiller3.



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