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12 Wasted Years

12 Wasted Years

October 1987

90 minutes


Alternate Cover Picture

12 Wasted Years – Bootleg DVD This video documents Iron Maiden's progress from their very beginnings in 1975, when they mainly played pub gigs, all the way to the Somewhere On Tour concerts. These are 90-odd minutes of rare footage and interviews, with full songs as well as excerpts of various other songs, including "She's A Roller" performed by Adrian Smith's first band, Urchin. A great video and a fascinating document about the rise of Maiden.

Be also aware that a bootleg DVD is available, distributed by a Brasilian company (see cover on the right). The sound is advertised on the box as Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1, but it is in fact a simple stereo sound, indicating that this is a mere copy of the original VHS on a DVD support. The quality is pretty low and I would suggest that you get hold of the official product on video tape, or simply wait until Sanctuary decide to release it as a DVD.


1.  Stranger In A Strange Land (Smith) Commentary Lyrics
2.  Charlotte The Harlot (Murray) Commentary Lyrics
3.  Running Free (Harris, Di'Anno) Commentary Lyrics
4.  Women In Uniform (Macainsh) Commentary Lyrics
5.  Murders In The Rue Morgue (Harris) Commentary Lyrics
6.  Children Of The Damned (Harris) Commentary Lyrics
7.  The Number Of The Beast (Harris) Commentary Lyrics
8.  Total Eclipse (Harris, Murray, Burr) Commentary Lyrics
9.  Iron Maiden (Harris) Commentary Lyrics
10.  Sanctuary (Harris, Di'Anno, Murray) Commentary Lyrics
11.  The Prisoner (Smith, Harris) Commentary Lyrics
12.  22, Acacia Avenue (Harris, Smith) Commentary Lyrics
13.  Wasted Years (Smith) Commentary Lyrics
14.  The Trooper (Harris) Commentary Lyrics



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