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The Number Of The Beast

The Number Of The Beast

4th December 2001


Chapter Selection:
  1. The Number Of The Beast
  2. 22 Acacia Avenue
  3. The Prisoner
  4. Run To The Hills
  5. Children Of The Damned
  6. Hallowed Be Thy Name
Bonus Material:
  1. Adrian Smith & Dave Murray Twin Guitars
  2. Beast Stories
  3. Reading Festival 1982
  4. Nicknames
  5. Rod Smallwood
  6. Adrian Smith Plays "Children Of The Damned"
  7. Adrian Smith Plays "The Number Of The Beast"
  8. A Message From Clive Burr
  9. "Hallowed Be Thy Name" Rio 2001


Chapter 4:
"Run To The Hills"


Dave Mustaine: When a Maiden video would come on we were like, "alright!", you know. And sit up and kinda re-adjust your ballsack and everything, and you're ready for some great music.

The white man came across the sea
He brought us pain and misery
He killed our tribes he killed our creed
He took our game for his own need
We fought him hard we fought him well
Out on the plains we gave him hell
But many came too much for Cree
Oh will we ever be set free?


Dave Murray: The video was a great video. Very humorous.
Steve Harris: It's just basically about the Indian nation that's being sort of treated badly and taken over really.
It's supposed to be from both sides. The first part is through the eyes of the Indian, and the second part is through the eyes of the cavalry soldier.


Martin Birch: It gives you a kind of rolling feel, that galloping feel. And you put the guitars in on that.


Dave Mustaine: Steve Harris's right hand, like this the whole time.
Steve Harris: It's just an illusion, I think.


Malcolm Dome: "Run To The Hills", which is effectively a politcal song, which had never been done before. So Steve was prepared to be a little bit more adventurous, perhaps in a way move away from the darker side in some respect, and try something a little different.
Steve Harris: I wouldn't say any of our tracks are that political, really. They're not necessarily meant to be.


Don Zimmerman: I think they would want to understand the political side anyway. Not in this kind of country. They're looking for "sex, drug & rock'n'roll" in the lyrics, not politics.


Steve Harris: We were running late with the album, we knew it wouldn 't be out on time for the British tour. In fact, it came out at the end of the British tour. So we really badly wanted to get a single out just before the tour. And we released it and to our amazement it went to number 7 in the charts.


Nicko McBrain: Trust was still touring around as well after we did the tour with them before. And everywhere you went in France, every juke-box was blazing "Run To The Hills". And it was like, "Wow! Here's our mates!" And everyone was singing, and of course all the French would go, "oh-oh-oh! You played with zis band? What are zey like?"
Steve Harris: But it was great that we had that success and we sold all the shows out. So by the time the album came out… the album went in at Number One. Partly because of the single, partly also because we were playing the new stuff on the tour that they hadn't heard yet, but they really liked it, so they went out and bought the album.


Bruce Dickinson: As soon as Run To The Hills came out it's like you go quick quick quick up to the top of the roller-coaster and it's like, "ok, here we go! Woooooow!!" And then about 5 years later we bottomed out. Because we were just in free fall.
Constant good news.
Steve Harris: I found it hard to take in, you know. To start with, really.


Bruce Dickinson: There's quite a lot of validity to shine, to make music that people do take seriously. And it's not just what people say, "oh it's Metal, it's all a bit of a laugh, isn't it?" But it's not to me and I think if you're gonna do something you should take it seriously.
Dave Mustaine: You have to have a vision. I mean, I'm not the best guitar player in the world but I have vision. And I can recognise that in them. When you can have a common goal and the whole band embraces that common goal and they work toward it, that's half the battle.

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